How does this sound? Premium & Gold membership...


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Oct 2, 1998
Ok, I understand that many of you don't want to sell knives, but still want the new features. In an effort to compromise, how about this?

For $20 per year, Premium members get...
Private Messaging - send and receive private messages to members on your Buddy List!
Polls - Create polls in your threads on any topic, with up to 10 options to choose from!
Attach Pictures - Why rely on other services like Photopoint, or hosted webspace, when you can upload a picture directly into your thread! A picture is worth a 1000 words, right?

For $30 per year, Gold members get all this, and the ability to sell as well

Does this sound like a fair compromise?

This sounds great to me!!:)

As soon as you say the word "GO", I'll be mailing the check.

--The Raptor--

Help I have an extra $30 in my pocket and i want to give it to the forums.

BTW: Did you work up the dealer package yet?? (just in case)
Oh....and a yeah...Spark,
If you had just payed up your $20.00 you could've used the "poll feature" in this thread!!:p

--The Raptor--
Sounds good. Just PLEASE make it easy, like a secure order form we can click on and type in CC info.

Sorta like the 4th of July special.

I _HATE_ having to call and talk to someone, or print out and fax crap in.

An e-mail reminder "your membership is about to expire" a month or so in advance would be nice.


Ack. I.E. 5.1 under MacOS X just freaked out. Hope my formatting isn't as bad as it looks. Anyway, another thought -- what about "special" member pricing, kinda like Sams Club?
Sounds great, Spark. I also agree with Michael_Aos, secure credit card payment would be great.

Will there be an option to upgrade membership from premium to gold for $10 if we want?
Hey Kevin,

Why are the prices so low! Where to I lodge my complaint??? ;)

It sounds great to me...Where to I send my bucks?

I'm not planning to sell, but $30 sounds good to me!
Bring up a point only. Don't need any flame on this. The $30 or $20 fee could be a business expense for some people on their tax returns. I'm not complaining about the fees not being tax deductible for others. I'll pay the $20 'cause its worth it for myself.
Sounds like a bargain to me.

Any idea on dealer pricing?
Great plan! Who ever came up with this idea is a real star!;) . Let the record show, even I can offer something of use to this Forum!:D
Thanks Spark for listening to my humble idea.
How will we pay? Will International uses get penalised?
Hell Spark, post an address where I can send a $30 money order and lets get the show on the road:)
I'm in. And I agree that a secure order form would be great. Even if it's bare-bones and ugly.

Any idea how much space we'd get to host our pictures? Would we be able to create a small album or collection, or is it only for threads?