How does this sound? Premium & Gold membership...

It's only for threads - you upload your image directly into the thread.

As for the secure order form, that isn't a problem - we'd run it through 1SKS so that you'd be able to order with ease.

present..accounted for...where do i send my 30 dollars?.....when do i send my thirty dollars? do i send my thrity dollars?...i know why i want to send thirty dollars!....feverdoc
This sounds very fair. I agree with the online sign up if possible.

Online order form is up and running... check the announcement at the top of the forums screen.

Sounds great :)

But the ever present problem with me and other foreign members is that 1SKS doesn't accept our credit cards :(

Getting a money order is out of the question as it'd cost me around 12 bucks just to get the money order.
Please make it possible for us to pay with our credit cards!!
(maybe just for memeberships??)
I tried to sign up but I do not know if it went through. When I clicked to submit the order, the screen said "can not display this page". How can I find out if the order went through?


I have just signed up for Premuim Membership - $30 a bargin. I live in the UK and have used a Credit Card. If this causes a problem please contact me - you have the details.

A suggestion for the payment website - if you only take credit cards from certain countries it may be worth listing them.


Ed :D
I did ask some time back about paypal for us overseas guys...PLUS I just went to sign we really need a shipping option? In that case $85 is a rip.:mad: