How does this sound? Premium & Gold membership...


GREAT!! I'M IN!!! WELL worth the $$$$$.....Keep up the good work!!!

Hi Spark,

I (we) don't need all that extra stuff you're offering with the premium membership (buddy lists polls etc.) I (we)just want to be able to post a "for Sale" once in a while and that means I (we) have to pay $30.

The difference between all the extra's and "all the extra's + the "for sale" addition is only $10.

Why not create a plain "post for sale" account without all the extra's for $10-$15?

Best Scouting wishes from Holland,

Spark, could you tell me what the $18.00 UPS ground charge to Canada is for? I really don't require that you send me anything that proves that I am a premium or gold member, but maybe there is something I am missing.

Make sure that you select the $0.00 shipping option!!!!!!!!

Do not select shipping for your membership - you are subscribing to our service, so that falls under Ads / Consulting.

For non-US orders, we will accept credit cards for this service, however, we will not accept them for 1SKS product orders.


Thanks for you prompt reponse on this - I look forward to my new improved status.


Sounds good to me. :p Patiently waiting for the final decision and address to send the dough.
I am still having the same problem. I will keep tring. Justhope there is not a $300 charge on my card at the end of the month :)

Have gone gold. I look forward to my status upgrade within the next couple of days.

Just wanted to sign in but read:

Select payment type:
(Remember, we do not accept credit cards for International Orders, see our Terms & Conditions for details) DiscoverVisaMasterCardMoney Order or Certified Check (Order Ships immediately upon payment arrival)Personal Check (Order held until check clears) <<<

Is there a way to pay with CC from Europe, please?

Spark is letting us International people use a CC for this and THIS ONLY!:) , get your cards charged up and let em rip!:cool:
Awesome Spark, thanks a lot for the quick fix :)
I'll get my payment is as soon as i get my salary :)

Waaay cool!
Okay, since I can't send 20 bucks, what do the other members get.

Thanks for the info,
Hi Mason,

Originally posted by FLY GUY
Okay, since I can't send 20 bucks, what do the other members get.

Thanks for the info,

Some stale bread and water....once a day! ;)

Actually, I think you get the forums almost as you currently know it. It's the extras that we're paying for. Check out this announcement for what the benefits are. Everything else (which is a ton) is free! From what I understand, life will pretty much be the same.
I can't understand why there is so much "agnst" over such a simple concept.

If you want some enhanced features, you pay a little for a yearly "subscription". No big deal.

If you don't need the enhancements, things continue as usual, but with even better software.

Most quality magazine subscriptions cost in the range of $25/30 a year and do not include the ablity to have 24hr a day interactive discussions and give the ability to delve into a vast and ever growing data base of knowledge.

It's a "no-brainer":)