How many knives, do you own?

Feb 9, 1999
This may have been brought up before but, how many knives do you personally have? OK dealers, I know your grinnin
..Gotta be what you own personally, please!! You can give a number or list them(use paragraph style).....Or list fixed blades, folders, ect. Think it may be interesting. I'm sure someone will give us the top ten

I have 36... 7 fixed and the rest folders and 3 multitools. SHHHIIIISSSSHH...Wheres my wife..
Very modest collection by other people's standards on this forum.Between Swords,Razors,F.B. and folders about 152 last count. I have 3 on the way but the Fed Ex man hasn't come yet so I didn't count them.A buddy of mine knows a collector in Fla with close to 3,000 now that is the beginning of a good collection.
Last knife purchase in January I counted my knives. Came up with 177 different ones with a total of 619. I usually buy more than one to put away. I have 2 more on order now, so as soon as they arrive, 621 will be my new total. Don't want to say as of yet what these 2 are until I get em!


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Oh yea, I forgot, I recently aquired 18 knives that Ti had. So my total once the 2 I have on order come in will be 639.


Ackkkkkkkkk! I don't want to think about it -- I'm afraid I might have to admit I have enough!

-Cougar Allen :{)
MAN!!! I ain't got squat compaired to that!!! I only have about 25 or so. -AR
The number is irrelevant.

More than I strictly need, but not as many as I want.

There are plenty more to come.

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More Knives

More Knives

More Knives

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Good question. Of course the best answer is "not enough", I thought I had quite a few, but no where near 600! 36 + 2 on the way. About half folders and half fixed.
Hey you guys if you have more than 100 knives you have to build a special room in your house!
Kinda like a museum....Ever wonder how much you've invested.. NOTICE I say invested....Are you guys married or just well off
????? This is gonna be a fun thread, I can tell!
People around here ask about how many knives I own now, they are shocked when I say 70+ but you people have shocked me. I do know a man that I have spoken with before at a show, somewhat local, has over 5,000 pieces in his collection. He has been collecting knives for over 40 yrs. Tried to stay on his good side, no one else in his family likes knives...

Guess I need to tighten up to catch up.
They relly don't take up that much space.Swords on walls,best pieces in display cases the rest all over the house. I seriously have knives in draws everywhere. The one good thing no matter what room I'm in if I need a knife chances are there are a few within reach LOL. It would be nice to have a room though maybe if I can get the kids to move out" HHHMMM"
43 swords
42 fixed blades
16 folders
23 throwers (incl. axes/hatchets)

This list runs the gamut from the Master Knives cheapies all the way up to the $600-$800 custom fixed blades. All of the swords are top quality and 98% of the fixed blades are top quality. The only cheapies I buy are folders.... but a good handful of the folders are top quality also.... Krait, Sebenza, cople of BM's, etc.....I buy all kinds of throwing utensils just to experiment. Blade throwing is a long time hobby of mine.....

124 in all.......

I guess I oughta print this thread and give it to Sweetie, just so she knows I am nbot the only lunatic who needs more than three!

Fixed, about ten, carry two with me in briefcase and car. Soon to be about fivew fixed more (or ten or ...)

Folders? Issue with that is Mom was and is a total junk collector and I have a total fear of that in my genes so when i notice I do not carry it for a while I sell it or give it away. I can say safely that I have owned a hundred knives, tools and sharp things in my life. Some were/ are great, some not, but we all love every knife we own at the time of purchase and isn't that what counts? Hurray for the one handed wonders we take for granted.
My wife thought i had alot.My 59 with 3 on the way seems small i guess i better order a few more this week.
I think a more interesting question would be:
of all the knives you own, how many are "in rotation" i.e. carried on your person with some regular frequency?

I only own maybe 10
but I regularly carry only about 4 of them. usually only 2 at a time, rotating the backup knife for sh**s and grins


I never count them, and never will, so that I don't lie to my wife when she asks the periodic question: "How many knives do you have, anyway" and the even more dangerous follow up: "How much money have you spent on knives?"

Today, however, I did finalize deals for three new knives including one that I blaim on Marion D. Poff: a plainedge Delica98. Having both Military models and the Moran and a Police and Co-pilot I thought I was happy until the new Terzoula collaboration came out until I kept reading all of Marion's posts about how great the new Delica98 is...


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I think at last count I had 1, maybe 2 Frost Cutlery knives.
wife is reading over my shoulders