Hudson Bay Knife, assigned to multi-alloy run in progress

15N20 would be good, still like the 8 to 9 inches, but having a choice of length is nice if possible for David to do, if he can fit them on the steel.
Ballparked at $300, but this is not set in stone, as I have not yet done cost projections for the overall run. Could be a bit more. Maybe a bit less. Doubtful on the bit less....
Friends, just a brief update. I am still planning to make these knives. And as you probably guessed, no I didn't really mean $700! I'm going to make them for $300 as initially proposed, which will include basic scales from what I have in stock (definitely some natural maple and oak, most likely natural, black and OD canvas Micartas, which may include a small price increase once I determine my suppliers pricing) when the blades arrive and a black Boltaron taco sheath. There will be handle and sheath upgrades possible, which can be discussed at any time. I will be taking deposits to help get the run off the ground, which is part of why I have not pulled any triggers yet. I want to make sure I have clarity regarding my longest outstanding orders, the MagnaCut I am awaiting from Jarod Todd, before I take any more deposits. He texted me a pic of a box and said he has 22 fully heat treated, tempered and tested blades in it ready to ship. I'm just awaiting an invoice. Then once those blades arrive safely in my shop, I will send out deposit invoices for each order to cover steel, waterjet, and heat treatment. These knives will be included in a dual alloy run with some designs done in another alloy as well (AEBL). Since I started doing this I have felt I would rather not take deposits, but given the costs of knifemaking, and the various setbacks (like waiting a year for a significant number of blades in a premium alloy), it will be necessary for this run. If I make the deposit 30% it will be super tight, but if I make it 50% it will be covered and belts too. Please let me know your thoughts, and at this point I will begin penciling people in who are still in. Thanks,

Update: I cannot afford to make these at this price with a sheath as well, as much as I'd like to. I would have to add at least $60 per sheath to not hate myself for making these. Talk to me.
Never mind I will just make it work.
Never mind I will just make it work.
price is the price. whatever it is to make it work, is what it is. no point on making them if you can't cover your cogs...... being basically your material costs, labor....... and some gross income to support yourself and your business overhead. lastly some profit for ability to expand your business and offerings, etc. I'm seriously over simplifying running a business to make a point, but do the math and what you need is what you need. everyone's either in or out. then you can decide if it's worth the run or not.

i can't imagine anyone here not understanding that a fair price point that works is required....