I don't know. Maybe I missed something

Aug 19, 2000
Since the upgrade, I've been confused. There are no hard and fast rules about what all this new stuff means. I read threads about 'premium membership' and what it means to upgrade and about free posting for two weeks. On and on. What's going on around here? Why all the changes and confusion all of a sudden?

I was in the BFC chat room just a few minutes ago and got nothing but greif about the simplest problems with all this new shit. Why does it take such an effort to find out the rules of this new game? You have to look here or there in order to find the rules for this or that. Hey, I just want to post and read threads. I don't want to pay $100.00 or $30.00 or $20.00 to do what I've been doing for the last year. What's so hard about answering a simple question? Who has to pay and why? And how much for sure? Damn!

I'd be glad to pay a reasonable amount to do what I've been doing. I don't sell knives here. I don't need to. And I don't need all the bullshit that comes from the confusion this new forum has generated. It's confusing. If there are rules, post them up front. Then call me an ignorant bastard for being stupid. I'm not stupid, just confused. Anybody else having this problem or is it just me? Spark, you're way out of line dude. This isn't the same place I came to in the beginning.
Max, it's quite simple:

If you want to sell knives, you have to pay. Anyone who does not sell knives here does not need to pay.

People who have not paid can still post everywhere in the forums (except the for-sale forums), and everyone can read the forums.

Paying will also open up some additional features in the software (features that the old software didn't even have, so you won't be losing anything by not paying).

Anyone still confused? Try this: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/announcement.php?s=&forumid=699

Always nice to see what's said in chat stays in chat.

Well, again, for the 10th time, since you didn't understand the first 9 times in chat.

Soon, we will be making changes to the site. For example, it will no longer be free to post items for sale in the Exchange area. Instead, we're going to ask that people who do sell knives help give a little back to the forums that made it possible for them to sell in the first place. We are going to do this by offering Premium Memberships at a measley $30 per year - which breaks down to $2.50 per month.

It will still be free to trade on the forums. It will still be free to read and post in the other sections of the site. Only the For Sale area's will have these posting restrictions.

For those who don't sell knives on the forums, we've included some other features in Premium Memberships that you might find interesting. These will include options like Private Messaging, the ability to upload pictures directly into your thread (no need for Photopoint), the ability to rate threads, the ability to post polls, and some other features.

Again, just so this is clear, <b>only For Sale posts will be restricted to Premium Members; there is not going to be a charge to post new threads or replies in any other section of the site.</b> And yes, it will still be free to read posts and reply to posts in the For Sale section. We're just asking that if you sell something here, or want to use these feature upgrades, you contribute to the upkeep and operating costs of this site.

Nothing especially outrageous, nothing particularly burdensome.

hey Spark - how do we sign up for Premium membership? Are you going to announce it, or have I missed an existing "how-to" announcement? I will sign up once I know how to do so.
I never go to the Good, bad and ugly forum. Why would I go there? Why should I have to go there to find out something that should be posted in the general forum? That's bullshit! Am I a mind reader? No! I'm just a regular guy that happens to like the general forums.

Hell, I'm a maker. Why would I ever go to the good, bad and ugly forum? I have no need. I'm not a rubber necker and don't care about some maker that don't do what he said he'd do. All I want is a clear set of instructions that are available to regular forum members like me. No special instructions in order to find out the basic operating procedures for being a regular member. Give me a break. I did nothing wrong with my ignorance. I only made it common knowledge that there are no instructions for the regular member regaurding the regular membership. It's a cluster hump. I don't have the kind of time to hang here and know every single thing that goes on from one moment to the next. I make knives full time. If there are new rules, they need to be posted in clear terms at the opening page of the forum. It's as simple as that. Tell me the rules and I can follow them. If I don't know them, I'll have to guess or get pissed off when I'm called names for my supposed ignorance. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to just delete this listing in my favorites list and forget about it altogether. I don't need this shit. Who does?
Max, that announcement is in every Exchange forum. Since only For-Sale posters are directly affected, that's where the announcement is.

And just why, pray tell, are you so worked up over something that you don't know much about? Pardon my ignorance, but typically I try to find out just what I'm going to be upset about before I make any kind of open ended declaration about just how mad it made me.

Of course, that's just me.

Heck, for that matter, we've got a great search feature going on - and several threads running around called "Premium Membership" - please, do us all a favor and read them.

I guess I'm old fashioned.
I give up. It's not worth my time. Spark knows what I'm talking about. It's his ball game. If he's really in charge then he's responsible for this confusing crap. I don't have time for this. Hoepefully he does.
That's what really gets me. People don't have time or patience to find out, but plenty of time to complain.

It's not that hard. If you have a question, <b>why aren't you asking?!?!</b> How do you expect me to explain things to you if you don't ask? I let my Dione Warwick Psychic Friends Membership lapse years ago, :D so I need a bit more than ESP to divine just where the problem lies, ok?
That's my whole point Spark. Why should I have to ask how the rulse have changed? It's not my forum. I really enjoy it but it's not my forum to manage. I'd gladly help if I were asked. You left us (the regular members) hanging on this whole premium membership issue. I don't mean to cause problems. And the chat room is safe. I didn't repeat anything that was said. Did I?

If you change the rules, make the new rules known to all concerned. That's part of the game isn't it? I can't look at yer ass and read yer mind. Post the rules so all will know what to expect. Why do you think I'm so bent out of shape? Because I don't know the rules. It's very simple. I DON"T KNOW THE NEW RULES. How many folks do? Look at all the posts asking you how much and where to send the payment. Doesn't that tell you something? Have fun Spark. I hope you do well.
Max, nothings been announce yet because I don't like to do things half assed.

I've been asked about 100 times now when I'm going to post details on this, and every time, I've said "later".

Nothing has changed yet. The For Sale forums are not going to pay only until at least the 12th. Until then, everything is business as usual.

In the meantime, until I've posted an announcement saying "Hey, the rules have changed!", how about cutting me some slack and not prejudging what is going to happen? Or, better yet, how about relaxing and waiting to see what happens before you get hot under the collar and making proclamations?

Ok Spark. I can live with that. That's all I needed to hear. Hot under the collar? I guess you could say that. This is pretty important to me. Thanks for your reply.
I think a few people were afraid to post in the For Sale forums, for fear of being deleted etc. due to the membership issue.
Anyways, I think a lot of people are getting their panties in a wad for nothing. Change makes some people do dumb things.
Another thing that has to keep being pointed out is the fact that this is a privately owned site. I keep seeing posts from people whining about this or that, all the while posting free of charge on a private site. Ahhh..the welfare state :) .
Hi Kevin,

You know I'm a supporter of you and BF. But you may have been asked 100 times and answered 100 times, but not where I've been or read. I know you posted something in the For Sale forum, but honestly, I've never hung out there. And in the several threads I've seen on premium membership, I've not felt informed and seen others a bit confused.

My guess is that MaxTheKnife may have missed the same things I have. A friendly suggestion would be a proactive announcement maybe saying both what you know and what you don't know; and maybe when you might know something. There is enough misunderstanding floating around.

You have this really neat feature allowing you to post an announcement at the top of every forum. Making an announcement (any announcement) might calm some waters. BF is a big place and not all of us are in the same place at the same time. I've learned more in this thread than anywhere else, because I'm hearing it finally from you.

Kevin, $30 is a very fair price. I just want to know how, where, and when to pay. The 12th of July is coming up really quickly (I know that is a "gray" date, but it's the only date I've read and have to work with). If I need to mail a check, I need to get it off so I have the opportunity to get it to you before then.

You offer us all a great place here and you're doing an outstanding job keeping it going. Give us the opportunity to pay for the service you provide!

Take care. :)
WOW! 30 smackers a year? Now I don't see what all the fuss was about for having to pay and sell. That is extremely low for what I was expecting you to go with. RIGHT ON DUDE!:D
Max I agree with you. I have been reading stuff here and there about price structures, benefits and changes. I too have been confused because most if not all of them have been threads started by our fellow forumites ... not Spark !

Now since the software change I notice that spark has an option to keep an anouncement at the top of the thread list. "Forum Type to small" "Post all bugs" ..... instead of getting my information/misinfromation through hearsay why isnt there a thread at the top that says " Here are some changes being considered but Nothing is final. Stay tuned for updates" That way we can all know whats happening and not just the people who visit particular forums or open particular threads.

My second thought is about Spark as proprieter of business. I am not trying to tell you how to run your business. Just a business ! Max is a potential customer. He sells knives. As such is deserving of more respect. I dont know Max from a hole in the wall, Never really comunicated much on the forums either .....

but I dont like the very rude way in which many seemingly innocent questions are answered by the man in charge. The others, who are refered to as parisites, you know the ones that just come to read and post and not sell are the very reason that anyone would want to pay the premium. Why would a dealer or individual want to pay to sell on a forum where there are no people. Yea go ahead everyone start the dumb ass name calling. Ohhh being called a wimp really gets me upset :rolleyes:

By the way ... I bought 30 dollars worth of Chinesse food last night.

If I walk into a store and am treated rudely by the management I leave. If they act like its there ball and I dont have to play I dont.

Short story >.. I once ordered a Maddog knife. As I waited I watched the Knifeforums which then was basically his. After reading a good number of threads and watching how he abused paying worshippers and tongue lashed others I couldnt feel good about owning the knife. Nice knife !! I received it, held it and sold it the next day. I no longer feel good about this board or its Managemant. Since I have seen on other threads the masses say "If you dont like it here Leave" I will take that advice. Hope to see some of you guys on knifeforums and CKD.

Lead by example Spark. Im tired of all the flames that pop up everywhere. Maybe a change in tone is in order. Hey its your ball.
Alex, you seem to be missing something. Where is it said that all the courtesy you are asking from me can't be given to me in the first place? I've answered the same questions tons of times now, and every time it breaks down to someone either jumping the gun, or not bothering to read what's already been posted.

It's easy to make a post screaming about how bad things are and how much of a dickhead I am for changing things around, and how greed a bastard I am for wanting this site to at least partially pay for itself.

It's a mite harder to do a search or even think things through before you post. Just a mite, mind you.

So, please excuse my exasperation here. I've tried to have a meaningful discussion on things, and get some kind of communications going both ways. Yet, still, there are people jumping the gun and screaming about nothing. I'm only human, guy.

i can't longer resist, although nobody will probably give a $hit on my opinion i'll post it anyway...

read the following sentence carefully: I DO NOT WANT TO OFFEND ANYBODY

let me tell you whining guys something, you deserve nothing. i had the same "problems" on my forum a few months back, people are grumbling and complaining about changes or whatever for a service thats absolutely FREE...

who you think you are? kevin has my full support on this, because i understand him. it is frustrating to read the same questions over and over again because some people are just too stupid to read or do a search, like kevin said, he is only a human.

and who of you thinks that a forums like this one, which is not part of a commercial company like benchmades forum is, is a business you can live off? such a forums cost besides the time you invest to keep it running A LOT of money. especially its that big like bladeforums. what kevin try to do is to have it someday self-paid.

now you have to pay only for posting on the for sale forums, which is pretty fair, if you think about it... how many of you sold knives in the past through this free service? and now you complain about BS like he did'nt tell you about the price policy, i agree that it would be better if he had post an announcement in every forum, not only the for sale forum but whats the deal anyway?

sorry if this post is OT but i just needed to tell you that, have a beer, chill out...