I don't know. Maybe I missed something

Jun 23, 1999
Kevin... When I first read this thread, I thought that was what you were after... Free basic services, with payments for sellers. Makes perfect sense to me that way. Then came along suggestions for a middle tier. Not sellers, but a few enhanced services. I don't have any problem with that either provided the enhanced services don't displace what most of us do here before they existed. At that point in the thread, the only thing that bothered me was the suggestion that posting pictures would be considered one of the "enhanced services". That's a problem because this is such a visual hobby.

Then somewhere down in the thread I got twisted around into thinking that you were contemplating charging for even basic use. That's when I posted, and I apologize if I misunderstood.

What broke the advertising model is the cost of reliable services. If you need 10,000 people to attract advertisers, and those 10,000 people (not to mention the advertisers) have to be served reliably, then you need sophisticated systems, power backup, high quality software with maintenance contracts, etc. As it turns out, all of this costs more than you can recover selling advertising space! This will remain true until the cost of mounting reliable systems comes way way down. I don't know when that will happen. In the meantime, advertising floats some percentage of the enterprise, and I guess you have to make up the difference by selling "enhanced services". I hope it works.

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Jan 14, 2001

This Spark guy sure is an opinionated little cuss isn't he?

So I ask again, "Who is this Spark fellow, and why hasn't he been moderated yet?" ;)

Also, why isn't there a Randall knives forum here to go along with the "Handmade" knives forum...that's on the near horizon, hopefully.

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, sell a man a fish and he'll not only eat for a day, but you'll make a few sheckels to boot"

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Jun 29, 1999
I think we've said enough, or all, or plenty.

Fees to play... sure why not, would you rather see the place close down? Let Sparks make a call and if it turns out to be wrong I am sure he will find a way to fix it.

Custom vrs. Production: We have been debating this for years. I think it's Les' favorite subject. Do we really have to resolve it now? I doubt we will ever get agreement on this, and if we did I am not sure it really means anything.

Randall Knife forum, and Military knife forums, why not? If our associated site has them; why shouldn't the premium knife collector's site have them.

Everyone take a deep breath, relax......relax some more..... There, that's better, now we can talk about knives again.

Now, how do you guys feel about the hard chrome finish on those Mad Dawg knives?

(off to put on my fire retardent suit with the high boots)