I need help from 5 people..............

Mike if you think a little fatboy in Texas Panhandle could help, then lets do it, Chris.
Top of Texas Knives

If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve. And I wouldn’t want to be part of any organization that would have me as a member.


I say screw this committee idea with votes and such. Just apoint a few members as a advisory board for some of the more public decisions that will afect these forums.
This will keep it simple and you will still retain control of the forums, but can give you an idea's that you may not have thought of.
Mike, you should retain control of the site and you should set the rules. As already mentioned, this is your vision and I believe that you are uniquely qualified to direct it.

That said, I recognize that there is a need, which will likely grow as the site does, to get help with issues and jobs. In these situations I think ad hoc committees set up to address a specific issue will be more easily managed and would provide more flexibility.

I would be happy to help out in any way I can and would gladly participate in such comittees.


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Dear Mike,
I tend to agree with Wolf.
I've seen this in business too many times.
First you have your committee, then the committee creates task forces,
and in a very short time, all forward movement stops.
Unfortunately, this puts all the pressure on you,
but this is your child, you've got to raise it according to your dream.
If I can ever be of assistance, I will be at your disposal,
but I would give this committee idea a lot more thought.
You have all of our support, hang in there.

Advice is generally worth what you pay for it, but I'm gonna' try this anyway. A board of directors is appropriate in any situation where there are divisional and/or financial issues. With the way this site has grown, and knowing some of what you are facing, it seems appropriate that you should ask for brainstorming sessions. There are certainly enough well educated/well rounded individuals here. Didn't I see a posting from a mayor here? That may be the kind of knowledge and experience that is most appropriate. Mebbe we should dig through some of the "What do you do for a living?" threads, and then "Shang Hai" some folks.

BTW, bandwidth numbers are forthcoming. Tuesday AM, latest.
I agree with "db"...an advisory board is the most you might need. Your site, you run it the way you wish....use the adv. board for opinions on matters you deem fit or want a "pulse".

Don't make the mistake of turning this into "gov't", you've seen how the Feds have flushed the toilet on us
Roger that DC!
Here as elsewhere, less government is better government.

My hat's in the ring. It seems I'm qualified for pulse taking. (I have a pulse!)

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Well,you have your pool of talent,Mike.I`m paid to protect democracy,not to practice it.Good luck with a commitee approach.I`ve never had much luck with it.

I don't much like the idea of a survey, I don't think we need a popularity contest. Mike you decide who should be on an advisory committee.


As with many others here, I would be more than happy to respond to any request sent privately for a "sanity check". I would think that soliciting such input from members who could be trusted to keep a confidence is all that you (and Kevin) really might need. The time it would take to obtain solicited private feedback would also serve to obviate precipitous actions. As always, the buck still stops at your desk.


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

our government started out small and look at it now.....will we have to be paying any taxes?
Mike, I beleive a committee could not possibly hurt any decisions that may arise. Forumites may still be polled or asked of their opinions on ideas as always. The board could then help to steer these decisions along with you, if further input was needed. This could only help to enhance this forum, by adding impartial direction with decisions.
As you said, this would probably only arise occasionally. But would be valuable always!
I would be honored to be part of this board if so choosen

What are the types of issues that can't be handled through either a basic thread, or through a survey poll? I assume that these issues are judicial in nature? If so, can I make a recommendation? Make it seven people. That way, there will always be a majority vote. I think the wisest thing to do is to appoint members that cover the age and interest spectrum of this forum. If so, I think five isn't enough to get the job done, while nine is too much of a headache to coordinate and get expedient responses. But that's just my opinion.

Of course, we are talking about a shift towards representative democracy, not direct as it is now. (Who am I kidding? The true nature of the system is oligarchic, though benevalent.) But if nobody has a problem with that, then so be it.

The trouble with appointing is that, historically, it becomes far too vulnerable to political manipulation. Imagine Clinton lining the entire Congress with nothing but Democrats. Voting through a survey poll, unfortunately, also has its problems. It often bogs down to a popularity contest. But, perhaps, there might be a happy compromise?

If I may make a recommendation on the selection process, start by narrowing down the volunteers to only those who surf this site in the past on a very regular basis. Remove junior members and maybe regular members if the list is too long. Then, draw up a list of age range and categories such as makers, dealers, manufacturers, and users, LEO, civilian, military, etc etc. And place these people within all of these categories. The idea now is to construct a panel of people, based on these categories, where the spectrum can be covered with the least amount of gap. If more than one candidate qualify for one of these slots, put them up in the survey poll for voting (no one can cheat by voting more than once right?). Of course, candidates for each of these slots should be polled separately.

I applaud for the bold, visionary step. It's so nice to see the forum attempting to keep pace with its environment. And, well, this is kind of awkward, but I'll throw my name into the hat.

To answer some of the concerns on this thread, BF.COM will always be Mike's to rule, and Spark's to execute. In that, they can shape the system any way they want, including on how the panel should function, what their roles are, and how long panelists can serve term. With the right mix and tinkering, this may just work out nicely.

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Mike -

While you obviously have more that enough volunteers, I will also throw my hat into the ring. If you would like me to set on the board, please let me know.
From the posts I've read from some of the members above, it looks as if you'll have plenty of cool heads to consult. I'm absolutely stepping out of line here by volunteering someone else, but Bob Irons would be really good in this capacity, if he could be persuaded. I'll also help out, if you need me.
I agree with Wolf and DC. Forget the Board. Have a few people in mind to seek "advice" from. Not necessarily the same epeople every time. By having an appointed body of members to help make decisions, you would be giving some of the control away. This is YOUR creation. I don't think a survey on every controversial topic is the way to go, either. We would run the risk of the phenomenon of 'group think'. Something dangerous, indeed.
The few reasonable rules you have in place for this forum are enough. DON'T BOG THIS FORUM DOWN WITH BEAURACRACY! As Ed Halligan would say, "Keep It Super Simple".