I need help from 5 people..............

Geezey, Peezey - volunteered by Walker!!! I'm still recovering from the shock.

Thanks Walker I do consider that a compliment.

I think Cliff has named some really great knife guys. I couldn't hold a candle to any of them, or even most of the forumites in the area of knife expertise.

I do have some expertise in life and kids and computers and would be very happy to help BladeForums when and where I can. Mike and Spark have given us all a real gift. We all should be ready to pitch in and help where we can. Nuff said.
OK I hear ya.

Here is what I will do. No board of members but we will have a board of advisors. This way if I need to make a business decision or a decision based on information which should not be shared I could do it in clear conscience.

So here is how I will do this. Those who want to volunteer for this board should send an email to the following link stating so.

You will be put in our mailing list and when a situation comes up you will receive an email. Simply tell us what you would do in your own words and we will use that info to help us guide this huge ship.

I think that is a very fair way of doing this and it will give a sort of anonymity to the members who volunteer. If a situation arises we will use your comments to show the person or the members that the decision is based on the boards recommendations. Your name and email address will be stripped from the message so you can speak your mind without the thought of reciprocation.

This will work!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

So Mike does that mean that everyone who volunteers is on the board? Or is there a cut off number?

I have been around this net/Forum thing since RDK.

I would like to help. I doubt I have the credibility though, I have be de-nominated for things in the past.


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Wow, just read the thread. Anyway, I'd love to do it also. Me saying smart things has been known to happen

I would be glad to help if called upon, but I think I like the idea of the board being an advisory one and not one that has the final say so.
Any time you want to know what people think why not post the question? Let everybody who wants to give their opinions -- you don't have to have to give everybody's opinion equal weight when you make decisions, but letting everyone have their say and feel they're taking part in the decision-making process avoids a lot of bad feelings.

The way most successful forums are run is there is one person in charge, and he consults with the regulars. Most forums never take a formal vote on anything, they just discuss it and then the person in charge, after listening to what everybody has to say, makes the decision. In practice the person in charge is usually more influenced by some people than others, and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you formalize that inner circle and make decisions without consulting the membership at large that's likely to cause problems when people who didn't get a chance to participate in the decision-making process are presented with a fait accompli. It can cause all kinds of dissension and bad feelings and I really don't recommend it.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Mike, the advisory board is the right way to go. Like a few who posted on this thread, I too have seen too much of this in business. Too many clicques, too much hard feelings, and having to find out who were and were not your friends all along. What next? Some member tossing a copy of Roberts Rules of Orders?
I am tempted to volunteer but have recently experienced "finding my friends". (See my signature.)


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