If You could have ANY Knife in the world, what would it be?


May 17, 1999
For me the answer is simple. I would want to have the fixed blade hunting knife that my dad made back in 1969. It was made from a piece of scrap metal, and he put a simple cheap wooden handle on it, but to this day I remember it. It was the only knife my dad ever made; rather crude, but it turned out real nice. Of all the knives in the world, it is the one that I would most want to have, because my dad died of cancer back in 1984, and I don't know what ever became of that knife. You see my dad was a great man. He was a great man because he was my dad.
I would take the Case sheath knife that my father had when he was a youngster. He gave it to me when I was 12 or 13 and a "friend" stole it from me. I would give anything to have that knife back.
I lost two knives my father gave me but I do not miss them. If I could choose one knife it would be (well it is not a "knife") real katana. With real temper line, real hand made... And I also know which one exactly it would be. The one which was handed over by Japanese emperor during their capitulation in WW II. It is beautiful piece of art.
Hansen, I have much respect for a man that respects his dad. I am very fortunate to have
a great dad also. I have the knife I always wanted, it is a two bladed Puma Game Warden.
It belonged to my grandfather who taught me much about knives and life in general. He is probably rolling in his grave knowing I will not carry this knife, I am not afraid to use
it just afraid I'll lose it.
Any Blade? Hmm, I'd really like the mace that Wilt Chamberlin used in Conan: The Destroyer. Ya, I know it's not a knife, but I really want it, or something similar.
Since I'm a Texan, my choice would be the
ORIGINAL Bowie knife carried by James Bowie
at the Alamo! Part of the legend was that
it was made by James Black in Washington,
Arkansas with a piece of a meteorite blended
into the steel. Oh well, I can always dream!

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I think it would be the Buck 110 I used to field dress my first deer. I gave it away soon thereafter when I got a "better" hunting blade. Now I'd give almost anything to have it back as a keepsake.

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.

A Kellam moose tommi, 5" blade, burl handle, guaranteed for the life of the maker, and certified for one moose between sharpenings.
There are actually 2 knives that I would want.

The first is Joe Szilaski custom fantasy piece that won "Fantasy Knife of the Year" at the 99 Blade show.It is an Eagle using Damascus and Ivory.

This is an INCREDIBLE looking knife. Joe lives near me and when I asked him if it is for sale he said "for the right price".

This knife should be in the next issue of Blade Magazine. It really has to be seen in person to fully appreciate the craftmanship.

The 2nd knife I would have is a French made (circa 1600's)ceramonial dagger. It is made using Damascus and has a "reaper" type of figure carved from Ivory. Very nice work considering the age and tools available. Last time I saw it, the asking price was somewhere around 10K.

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My second choice, if I could have any knife I wanted in the world, would be the solid gold, dagger found in the tomb of King Tut. Buster Warenski painsakenly made an EXACT replica of it many years ago, and an article with pictures of it appeared in the Jan/Feb issue of Blade Magazine. Mr. Warenski's replica took 5 years to make and contains 32 ounces of Gold! It was first exibited at the 1987 Knifemaker's Guild Show. It was worth then, $100,000. You can imagine what the original is worth.
A tanto made by Michael Bell. The man actually MAKES his own steel! Now THAT'S impressive!

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I too would like to have one of my Dad's old knives. The one that stands out in my mind is an old hunting knife with a leather handle. I remember as a very young boy tiptoeing to be able to see it in the top drawer of the chest in his bedroom. Of course I saw it later as I became older, but that memory stays with me, sneaking and peeking.
A handmade balisong knife from the Philippines that my grandfather gave to my dad, who then PAWNED it!!
It had some sort of bone handles, and the blade was a kris pattern. I remember my dad cutting his finger(it was double edged) and he let me hold the knife. I guess I was six at the time. Other than that, maybe a knife from Phill Hartsfield, or the knife I ordered from James Piorek.

You know what...I guess I would be happy with ANY knife( Better than NOT having a knife!)

Hey Misque, I thought I was the only one who knew about Bell
He is a guy who doesn't get alot of press. My knife would be anything, and I do mean "anything" by Virgil England. Oi, I love his stuff.

Since I'm a native Texan, I go along with Janus and would want the Bowie knife that old Jim went down with at the Alamo. A few years ago I read where a gentleman claimed he owned it and could prove it. He was asking a ton of money for it and was was hoping some rich Texan would buy it from him but I never heard anymore about it.

Second choice would have to be the King Tut Dagger.

Dave R
Mine Would be a Jose DeBraga fantasy bowie, I saw one once with a lot of titanium and when you pushed a button a little lockback fighter came out the front of it... I love his stuff not much knife but lots of imagination in the designs... It would have to look like it was gonna take flight...

The original Excalibur sword, of course, assuming it was real and not a legend. One could sell something like that to be able to buy the second favorite blade and have a few $ left over.

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My ideal knife would be any one of a number of Italian made Cinquedea daggers made between 1580 and 1620 by smiths in Renaissance Italy. Fully bejeweled, fully gilt in gold and engravings any one of these pieces in museum quality would fetch me enough ($40,000-78,000 last check) to fuel the rest of my knife purchases for at least ten to fifteen years. Maybe by then I would find perhaps a trio of replaceable knives that I would always have at hand and always use. Then I'd have what I really want.