if you hadn't bought knives...

Jul 18, 2006
what would you have done with all that spare money? throughout the years how much have you spent? ever asked yourself? enough to buy a bike, a car or a new boat. lets hear it.
I don't know, I started on knives because I got bored with guns. Beer?
well if I had know about this website years ago, I wouldn't have bought knives from wal-mart, they were buck and gerber knives, other than that it would be more guns and ammo!!!!
I budget for more than just knives, so not much I might have $1000 in knives at a time but I buy/sell rather often. I have a few grand in guns and I've spent.......WAY TOO MUCH on beer/liquor.
I would have bought a casket, because there would be no reason to live... :D
I have an extremely good idea of how much I've spent, and it's fairly minimal. It's a hell of a lot less than most posters have spent on a single knife. My knife needs have mostly been met by a few gift knives. Past those, knives are a luxury and everything else comes first. I'm a broke college student, and I'd rather have lunch for a couple months than go hungry with a shiny new knife in my pocket.

What would I have spent it on? Probably food, alcohol, and ammo, although certainly not much of any of it.