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As a kid, I was told I had to keep all of my pets clean and healthy

Good advice, of course. I should correct myself. I bathed him twice. Once shortly after I first got him, he was still stressed from the new circumstances, and wasn't washing himself, and he was really stinky. So I tried to bring him into a stand up shower to wash him (apartment did not have a tub and he was too big for the sink). The force with which he tried to jump out of my arms as I was trying to hold him in the water stream was enough to cut a deep gash in my hand, so I resorted dampening towels and wiping him down for an hour until he was cleanish. He was calm and purred through the process, though it was probably a defense mechanism purr, rather than a contented one.

And after I moved into the farmhouse last year, he did it again, but this time it came with tangled mats that were keeping refuse attached to him. Still no tub, but an elongated stand up shower with a raised lip. So I put a rubbermaid in there and filled it part way, but trying to get him into it turned into a battle. Well I was not going to have him running around the house spreading his refuse everywhere, and I outweigh him by 180 pounds, so I won the battle. But a few times he did something he has never done before in the five years I'd had him: he tried to bite me. Twice. Not for real tries, but feigned bites. We had always had such a good and trusting relationship before, and at that point I realized he really didn't know what was going on and really was scared, and the temporary inconvenience and discomfort of constantly wiping up cat poop trails become a minor issue next to risking eroding the bond with my fluffy buddy. So I let him go.

A week later Mom brought me a new cat brush that eclipsed the effectiveness of the handful of other cat brushes I had tried, and within a couple more weeks his mats were a distant memory that we both laughed about. 😹🤣

Anyway, my point is, despite being a super fluffy cat, he does a great job keeping himself clean, with the help of daily brushing from the boss, of course.
The brushings are really all a cat ever needs, unless they get sick and cannot clean themselves(long hair cats and dogs do need a little mmmm..."extra" assistance) 🫣 . The bathings my wife insisted on came largely from never having an inside pet. She is Filipina and their "pets" just wandered in and out of the home at their will. They got filthy outside, fleas, etc. from the street animals. I did convince her Johnsons shampoo was good to not dry out our kitty's skin or make her sick from self grooming afterwards.

My son escaped with only a deep bite on his shoulder. This was before I knew how cruel declawing a cat was- I did not prevent my ex from doing so. The cats only means of offense/defense was biting. He got a good one and remembers it 20 years later. I was raised around farms and many of my "pets" were things I caught that were not meant for petting. I could not tell you how many times and by how many things I have been bitten. God loves fools or I would have been dead from rabies long ago.

What were we talking about again...?
I had two cats I could bathe. one wouldn't fuss at all. the other would sit by the shower door until I let her in. she seemed to like sitting in the water stream. the rest would go crazy and shred my arms, face and whatever they could reach.

nowadays I stick to daily brushing, the wife's fatcat. she's mean and I'm too old to battle her to bathe her when she needs it. Just trimming her claws is a battle of getting bit and shredded with whatever paw of claws I can't hold down somehow. she's super mean and likes to draw blood. its like playing with gasoline and fire. bad things happen everytime......
I'm not a graphic designer, and this is clearly unfinished.

I'm not a graphic designer, and this is clearly unfinished.

Kinda looks like the scene from the new Mario movie when Bowser is singing his song for Princess Peach.

Yes, I know that…I have nephews and nieces…ya…that’s why I know that. Haha.
The appropriate answer is "No". I'm not gonna play with you guys anymore if you're all a bunch of "Trekkies". The two franchises are incompatible...

This is the last of it. We should probably go to the off topic thread David made for our shenanigans....

I bring additional shenanigation to show that they can be compatible if you nerd hard enough. Not my video, I just combined, condensed and edited. Even though I no longer believe in the mainstream conception of "outer space" (a disclaimer only, not a discussion for this thread), I admit star trek and star wars have been guilty pleasures of mine. I thought this guy's video was quite clever. I thought it was hilarious how he nerfed Vader. But he was consistent with it in the other direction too.

I'll check it out when I get a chance. I feel bad I instigated a change of thread then made dinner ( tuna melts and tomato soup) then went to a concert (currently intermission). Edchef has been awesome lately.
I just thought it was neat that the differences between the two fantasy series was chalked up to a subtle difference in how the laws of physics might work in one galaxy vs the other, and how in the one, the "force" thrived, and Vader was a powerhouse, and in the other, his power was largely mitigated. And how in the Star Wars universe, races from the Star Trek galaxy were suddenly manifesting enhanced abilities, like if they had been born into the Star Wars galaxy they would have been force sensitives, implying they were all along, if only the midi-chlorians weren't presumably inert in the Star Trek galaxy.