Information from Instagram and Facebook!

Looks like a nice batch of 7's going through the final stages. Just need to get them out to folks in the field now.
Hmmmm... another Survive Knife I've been waiting over 2 years for. Maybe there IS an end in sight.

Hoping the Betty’s are in the mix!

Thats quite a load of 4.1s, I'd like to know where the 4.1 pre-sales might be in the mix (early to mid 2016 orders). Realize the catch-up from all pre-orders, 2nds (Wednesday sales), etc. but hoping for some real projections some day soon. I assume the Starter 4.1s have already been completed and sent out by now.
Well, I have a pre-order from 2015 that is still vapor. Haven’t heard anything.

4.1 pre-order, that is. September 2015.
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Soon as you hear something I'll be soon after, my pre-order October 2015!

...and you waited this long vs going into the secondary market to get just as good a GSO because..... Why tie up your cash this way? Do you find this as a profit making opportunity (buy at stock price, then flip?)?
Why would I want to pay the secondary market price??? I have many other GSO's on hand for my use and I'm a patient man for what I want. No worries tying up my cash, that money was for a 4.1 so that's where it went, I'm not missing it.
My 4.1 order is from 4/29/15 and still nothing. Go figure.
Oh man sorry to hear that!

I didn't post to 'rub it in' for those still waiting ( and still don't really believe mine will show up until it's in hand),
I guess the order we thought that they were going by doesn't count for much?
If you haven't already done so you should probably shoot them an email and ask why you're still waiting and they are shipping orders placed months after.