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Fortunately those brown micarta scales are so awesome looking that I settled on those :D

Well I would have lost money on that one, them being micarta. I thought you had found an end-around to get some G10 :D Thanks for the reply bud.
There's another about Guy cranking out 7/7 handles. A few of my F2's have to be shipping this month! Some 7/7's and a 4.1. My new EDC2 and old spec GSO 3.5 headed my way will have to do until then!
It seems like progress is being made. Man I'd like to see a bunch of folks posting up shipping notifications shortly.

Guy, you've got to drive right through here to get home. If you drop off my 4 LE on the way, dinner is on me :D
It seems like progress is being made. Man I'd like to see a bunch of folks posting up shipping notifications shortly.

Guy, you've got to drive right through here to get home. If you drop off my 4 LE on the way, dinner is on me :D

I received my F2 4.1 at Christmas (though i wasn't there to pick it up), and my Starter 4.1 shipped out yesterday :cool:

Stoked to get it, but I've been down-trodden amidst long hours at the lab, and I actually head of town early Thursday, so while I may accept delivery of the knife before I leave, I may not be able to snap and post any pics of it or start working on a review for a while :( Oh, and I can confirm that YES that starter 4.1 with natural scales and the bow-drill divot and firesteel notch was indeed mine :D

As to your comment about the 4LE's, Jordyn actually contacted me about whether or not I would accept the 4.1 because I had called at a later date and asked that the bow-drill divot be excluded. I was glad to accept the knife, as I had only cancelled the divot with the thought that it might save time/effort getting it done, but I also mentioneds that i would be fine waiting for it to ship along with my 4LE and F2 4LE, but she implied that it would ship out alone :oops: Oh well. It would have been torture if a starter 4.1 and two 4LE's were all sitting there waiting for me :confused:

But they are indeed coming!!!
Let's get some of the images from these instagram posts plugged in here:

millitknivesWe are hammering away, helping @surviveknives fix some of their current batch issues. Running these guys on our surface grinder to help smooth out any deep scratches in the flats and bring breakouts to perfection! #millitknives #millitmade #knife #knives #bestknivesofig #knifestogram #machining #machinist #haas #surfacegrinder



surviveknivesFinishing, building, sharpening, oh my! Swipe through to see all of the images. Lots of things going on in the SURVIVE! workshop this week and @millitknives is steadily working their way through fixing and fine tuning blades on the surface grinder. Things are really rolling now, it is so motivating!
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surviveknivesGuy is down @millitknives finishing handles and picking up blades so we took the day off for some time in the woods.
Here is Freya in her happy place! .
#intothewild #dutchshepherd #optoutside #girlsday #forceofnature #silvervalley #hiking #dogsofinstagram #surviveknives #gso27


surviveknivesThere it is, the very last GSO-7/7 handle perimeter being fine tuned on the Haas. I was able to get a lot of these done during my previous trip down, but now, at 11:38 P.M. mountain time, I'm officially done with the last of them. A huge thanks to the awesome folks at @millitknives for being so accommodating. Your kindness allowed me to complete what would have been months worth of tedious hand work in just a matter of days. Well, I need to grab some shut eye but you can expect more updates soon.
Goodnight! -Guy
#survive #surviveknives #latenight #surviveproductionupdate #behindthescenes #progress #itfeelsgood #goodnight

This is great news! Hope work calms down enough for you to enjoy and share thoughts on these knives!
Hopefully I will get around to it in the next couple of weeks. I was out of town for the last two, attending a wedding in LA. I was a bit surprised, the hottest it ever got was 68'F while I was there, most of the time it never even reached 60. Is this what all the "Global Warming" folk are warning against??
Instagram posts!!!!

surviveknivesA little bit different WIP Wednesday post this week. We're nailing down the finish for the upcoming SK series and wondered what you folks think of this tumble? Swipe to the next screen for the video.
#survive #surviveknives #skseries #tumblefinish #surviveproductionupdate #wip #wipwednesday #behindthescenes #sneakpreview #knifeporn #knives #happyvalentinesday


Another Wednesday WIP post, this one showing boxes being filled. The knives are already wrapped up so no steel is showing. :(

For those who don't follow the link:

surviveknivesWorking on getting a bunch of orders packed up and shipped! Not the most exciting photo, we know, but what it means for folks waiting on orders is exciting!
#surviveknives #survive #surviveproductionupdate #wipwednesday #shipping #headingoutthedoor