Introducing The SYKCO Alpha Regulator 9.5!!!. . . Specs And Pricing For Wednesday July 10, 2019!!!

Jerry Busse

Aug 20, 1999
Introducing the SYKCO "Alpha Regulator 9.5"

This killer cool full-height ground chunk of INFI, wrapped in Resiprene C, is destined to be offered on our website as a regular model at sometime in the near future. :cool:

HOWEVER, this will be your ONLY chance to get in on the OP2W special discount!!!:eek::eek::cool::thumbsup:

Turn around time on these will not be immediate as have the past few models and you will ONLY need to pay a fully refundable $1.00 at time of order for us to capture your pertinent information. You will NOT be charged the full amount until we are ready to ship. Our goal is to ship within 5 business days of full payment. Turn around is projected to be 8-12 weeks from time of order!!! :cool::thumbsup::cool:

Standard Shipping Charges Apply.

The "Alpha Regulator 9.5" will go "LIVE" on the Busse Combat Website, Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 9:00pm Eastern! :cool::thumbsup::D

Let's Drink! :cool:


The SYCKO "Alpha Regulator 9.5" is being offered in 3 blade finishes including Coated, BIG DC, and Hand Applied Satin Finish. (The BIG DC will have light machining marks.)

SYCKO Alpha Regulator 9.5 Specs:
Over All Length: Approx. 15"
Blade Length: Approx. 9 1/2"
Blade Width: Approx. 1.85"
Thickness: Approx. .312" (5/16)
Steel: INFI
Handle: Black Resiprene C
Finish: Coated, BIG DC, and Hand Applied Satin Finish
Bevel: Full-Height Flat grind
Hardness: 58-60 Rc

SYCKO Alpha Regulator 9.5 Pricing:
Coated: $387.00 (OP2W Special Discount = $367.00 (You save $20.00)
BIG DC Finish: $417.00 (OP2W Special Discount = $387.00 (You save $30.00)
Hand Applied Satin Finish: $487.00 (OP2W Special Discount = $447.00 (You save $40.00)

Blade Coating Options:
Muddy Brown
Hammered Silver
Desert Sage
Forest Green
Midnight Blue

Here are the pics:
Hand Applied Satin Finish: $487.00 (OP2W Special Discount = $447.00 (You save $40.00)

BIG DC Finish: $417.00 (OP2W Special Discount = $387.00 (You save $30.00) (Shown next to Alpha Dog 6 for size comparison)

Coated: $387.00 (OP2W Special Discount = $367.00 (You save $20.00)

I’m in. BIG DC. The regular Regulators I’ve seen just didn’t do anything for me. But this! THIS is a KNIFE!!!