Introducing The SYKCO Alpha Regulator 9.5!!!. . . Specs And Pricing For Wednesday July 10, 2019!!!

I haven't had that much luck with 9V. With the PB etchant, better. Although.... I don't think I've tried either that much on INFI. I decided after only or two strip jobs that with INFI, my time was worth more, and I pay for naked INFI, whether CF or DCBB. I guess I'm not much help.

I will say that my AR 9.5's edge wasn't that thick. Or not as bad as some other monstah choppahs. It's rather slicy, for its size.

Everything you say makes Alot of sense.
I just grab the Regulators that I can find...haha.
This one happened to be coated.

For now, I'm going to leave her coated, and scarred. I guess. I'm no hurry.

I'm really curious about what the AR15 is going to look like???