Introducing The Trough Raider!! . . . Coming Wednesday May 22, 2019 at 9:00pm Eastern!

Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by Jerry Busse, May 17, 2019.

  1. Warbow150

    Warbow150 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 23, 2013
    Actually I’m just wanting a nice release that I actually have a use for. For $600.00 and change we could have something like an ASHBM, BWM, etc, that could do some work. I really like INFI, great stuff, but I think this design is a bit into the “fantasy knife” realm more than for real use.

    For example, all the CBT is a pain to clean and the same weight reduction could be achieved with a thinner stock. INFI is plenty strong at 3/16 or .220 for example.

    Recurve blades are a pain to sharpen and a knife this size already has enough weight to chop well.

    The choil is fine, but the top guard is going to prevent choking up on the knife at any rate.

    The coffin handle looks too small for all the weight in the blade and doesn’t really lock your hand in for chopping. The top swedge it a bit overdone.

    Again, I like INFI, I like Busse, I just don’t like this design. I think it’s almost a waste of a great steel.
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  2. honorearth

    honorearth Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    For sure the wtf is by far one of my favorite blades and I use it a lot. Nothing else comes close to the chopping power it has.
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  3. tinfoil hat timmy

    tinfoil hat timmy

    Aug 21, 2014
    What the pork is a STEELHEART? This thing is the new King of the Hill.
  4. zombieassassin

    zombieassassin Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    Don't get me wrong at all brothers...this thing is a beast...I just wouldn't want to clean zombie brains or pine sap out of those grooves.
    But for me ...a non-cbt lover....this blade will definitely make a damn good user for .31 thick...hell yea! Love it.
    Now to talk Jerry into a version without CBT and add a monster NM treatment to it paired with a bigger fuller........hmmmmm
  5. JackTheKnifeGuy

    JackTheKnifeGuy Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 12, 2017
    2lbs10.4oz or 2.65 pounds
    or 42.4oz
    or 1.205kg

    (Random nerd fact. Thor's Hammer "Mjolnir" is impossible to pick up if you're not worthy, BUT IF you are worthy, it still weighs 42.3 POUNDS.)
    That means Thors hammer weighs aprox 16 WTF's!!

    Here's whats cool
    2.65/42.3 = 0.062 = 6.2%
    Therefore, If you own a WTF, you're 6.2% worthy of Thor's hammer.

    ITS SCIENCE. :poop: Now Jerry please make a hammer for gods sake!!
  6. JackTheKnifeGuy

    JackTheKnifeGuy Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 12, 2017
    Bah Humbug. Just wait a couple weeks, your model will come around.
  7. JackTheKnifeGuy

    JackTheKnifeGuy Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 12, 2017
    Quick question. How do people get Sterile knives? Do you call and tell them to put a note on your order?
  8. hydeinmind

    hydeinmind Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 30, 2015

    Maybe try an ASH2, HOG Badger, or even a Basic 8 LE if you like Res C. Nice handles, high saber grinds and FFG and no CBTs. These are some of my favorite users! ;):thumbsup::thumbsup:

  9. clampdaddy

    clampdaddy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    Even though it is too racy looking for me, I do think the heft and recurve on this one will make it an awesome chopper. It's like a Bowie and a Kukri had a baby. That offspring would be one bad sum-b.
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  10. shqxk


    Mar 26, 2012
    May be $50 option to grind those CNC'ed bevel off?
  11. Robdude


    Feb 27, 2015
    Im just glad jerry is so brilliant at designing blade offerings that cover the gamut of our individual preferences.. usually I'll either love it or I dislike it.. this blade seriously has me on the fence..:confused::confused::confused:
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  12. Robdude


    Feb 27, 2015
    Man I use my CS WTF more than most of my other large blades It's a fricking splitting maul. Such an awesome wood processing tool.
  13. DamascusBowie


    Sep 20, 2016
    The designs are pretty out there, that's the direction Jerry is going in, thats where he is as a designer at this point in time. But there hav been plenty of classic designs offered regularly.

    As for the fantasy knife realm, well, theyre a pet peeve of mine. I hate when something is over the top for no practical reason, but everything Jerry does is still based on real world circumstances. This new blade, the Trough Raider is just a monster fighter on steroids, its a fast, efficient and highly powerful brain shovel, and theres nothing more practical than that in a zombie apocalypse. That might sound like pure fantasy but its far from it. If I had todefend myself against living people with my knife, Id want that zombie apocalypse weapon in my hand.
  14. Angusbort

    Angusbort Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 25, 2016
    I’d like to see how this Trough Raider would perform with skilled hands on a Knife or Death course!!! :)
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  15. clampdaddy

    clampdaddy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    Well said. Looks can be very subjective. I have a buddy that thinks my HUCK is a rediculous looking thing that has limited uses, but to me it doesn't have a fantasy blade look to it at all and if the fit hits the shan, it is the first one I'm grabbing.
  16. PeteyTwoPointOne

    PeteyTwoPointOne Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 10, 2014
    The easiest way to get it done is to dose them with high levels of gamma radiation.

    They won't be makin no more bacon after they get shot up a few thousand millirsieverts of radiation :eek::confused::eek: targeted near the talon hole...

    Plus there's the one in a billion chance your Trough Raider will turn into The Incredible Hunk o' INFI or Spider Pig after the treatment. :thumbsup:

    Anyways don't waste your time trying to surgically sterilize a Busse...have you ever tried to neuter a Boss Jack? or spay a Battle Mistress? ain't a walk in the park! :eek:
  17. DamascusBowie


    Sep 20, 2016
    Im going to have a hard time deciding between the forsaken mistress and the trough raider, and I have a lot of whiskey to drink before I can even think about double wielding, its quite a conundrum.
  18. DamascusBowie


    Sep 20, 2016
    Is there such a thing as hand smoothed coffin scales? Another conundrum...maybe a last minute surprise nuke option?
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  19. Leonardo63

    Leonardo63 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2017
    I don't have anything with a coffin handle`I wonder, should that be my excuse? I keep going back to those pics and having the thoughts that 1-it's not as heavy as it may look and 2- it's not as big as it first appears - I don't think the Forsaken Mistress has anything to worry about until mating season :eek:
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  20. PABladeGuy

    PABladeGuy Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Sep 11, 2018
    It's a simple decision algorithm for me:

    Do I have one?
    If NO, get one
    If YES, seriously consider getting a spare

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