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Is there anything about a Tom Mayo knife...

May 5, 2000
That's not as good as a Sebenza? I'm seriously considering a TNT or other Mayo offering, but I'd like to hear about shortcomings--relative to the Sebenza or otherwise.
Hello Shmackey, I used to be into sebbies before I found the TNT. While the sebbie is a GREAT knife, the TNT is just beyond belief. Not to take anything away from a sebbie, but I love my TNT. Neither knife has any shortcomings.I'm TNT all the way, though.:cool:
I have never seen a TNT in person. Tom, why don't you send me one, and I will tell you if I like it?? ;) Walt
Hey Shmackey, I get up to Denver several times a month. Meet me at Dave's Guns, we can head over to the Piper for the best fried rice in Colorado and you can fondle my Mayo... ;)
The TNT is a better knife. I love my small sebenza but rarely carry it anymore. The TNT fits my hand better, has a talonite blade, and the opening hole works great. You can also get it made exactly the way you want it. Probably not as easy to disassemble though...
My Mayo tip down carry TNT opens as fast or faster than any of my tip up Sebenzas... and it is much safer to have in my pocket!! The "hole" on my TNT is also much easier on my thumb! (The stud CRK uses LOOKS cool... but doesn't work as well for me in real life.)

CRK makes a GREAT knife: Everyone should own one. (All but one of my Sebenzas will be for sale as soon as a take some pics...):)

I spend a lot of time on salt water, and I like blades that are real easy to sharpen. Talonite fits the bill for me on both of those counts. CRK makes a great knife: Tom Mayo makes me the custom knife I order. (Unless he is out surfing... nothing is perfect..)

My $.02,


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Well, like it says on the T shirt......"theres no such thing as a free lunch!!" :)
I know that has no meaning here...but I thought I would throw it in...there is ONE bad thing about TNTs though....I am getting farther and farther behind and cannot catch up. :(.... :(
:p :)
:) :p
Tom, you should be at your grinder, not pecking away at the keyboard! All these TNT addicts are waiting! :)
Ok, I was trying to be diplomatic so I would not turn this thread into one of those typical flaming war threads. But C4 and others are correct. I too prefer the tip down carry over the 'benza's tip up carry. This is a very valid point.I forget about the things that add up to the TNT being THE PERFECT FOLDER {for me} because I try to never be without mine! It usually resides in my neck sheath around my neck 24/7. I used to be VERY fickle about folders. The TNT is very well suited to my needs. I use it at work to cut heavy plastic strapping material,{it actually cuts this material better than my Carsons in 420v and stellite} to cutting veggies and meat in the kitchen [ and not having to worry about any tarnishing or rusting:)] to cutting limbs in the yard. I prefer the bevel Tom puts on his TNT's to many other custom makers edges. Tom really is a "sharpening specialist" as it says in his BF profile:D.
(1) Copfish is freaking me out...

(2) Is there any steel at all in a TNT? Pivot, washers, screws, clip?
clip is titanium..washers are nylon..screws and other hardware are stainless steel I believe....Sebenzas are excellent knives .even Tom will tell you that... I have owned several, inclucing one of his first handmade ones.. but since buying a couple of TNT's from Tom, I have sold all my Sebenza's...The biggest plus for the Sebenza is the ease of take down for cleaning..I owned the Sebenzas for 10 plus years, so the TNT had a new toy factor going for it when I got it..but the more I play with it the less sorry I am my Sebenzas are gone :) I have put the TNT Talonite blade to some good cutting tests and it held up fine...the finish on Mayo's TNT resists scratches alot better than the Seb, it rides really nice in your pocket no matter what size you get..(mine is HUGE)lots of good knives to get out there....The TNT just happens to be number one on my list:cool: Tom will build you one however you want it...if you don't mind the wait:( but when it arrives:D
Positively love my Unique Graphic Large Sebenza and wouldn't trade it for anything.....except a TNT!:D
The Sebenza is a great knife but I have to give the TNT a big two thumbs up! It's slimmer than the Sebenza and Talonite is a great blade material. Get a good edge on it and it won't need sharpening for a long time. No worry about rust and the action is smooth as silk!

Another chance at this topic... It's difficult because the Sebenza is a great design, and deserves all the accolades it gets. I own a few Sebenzas, as well as Umfaans and a Mnandi. I like all of them a lot, and I have no plans to let them go. And yet...

Here's a different, if not better approach. None of my knives are hangar queens, I make an effort to carry each of them on a regular basis, allocating equal time to all. Some are more equal than others, it seems, and that would be the reason I carry a TNT more often than anything else.


Here are the things I like better about the TNT than the Sebenza: lots of radiusing and contouring of the bolsters mean it's comfortable to hold and doesn't catch on anything in your pocket. Lightweight and will not rust, finish does not scratch easily. Cleans up very easily. The opening hole works better for me than a thumbstud. To sum up, it is comfortable both to use and to carry, while sacrificing nothing in working ability. It is this blend of abilities that I appreciate the TNT for. There are both more decorative knives and working designs that make less compromise to be "civilized". They have their place as well, but for me the TNT is the best "EDC" design I've seen.

Going into the increasingly subjective side of things, I feel the TNT is a special knife because of the production method. From the first time I saw a TNT to the present day, I marvel at the quality and tolerances Tom achieves in his shop, which is not a centerpiece of technology. See for yourself. However humble, this shop produces a knife that is out there impressing Sebenza fans--not an easy thing to do.
WOW!!!! Im going to print that and put it up on my shop wall!!!
are you ok steve??
send me a watch and I will put you back up at the head of the list!! :)
Oops! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! :(

TNTs are only good for cutting the cheese with! Mayo is an evil genius! Wait--he's not a genius, I'm not THAT out of my mind.

There, I feel much better...

You can't have this one!! It belonged to one of the highest ranking WAVES in W.W.II. (my great Aunt) (And I'll bet you have never seen a Dunhill watch that will light a Padron Aniversario... or a fuse....):)


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my new TNT :D :D :cool:

Yep, Old Tomcat has come through again!!!

Man, I like the hell outta this guy :) :)He is TOOOOOOO COOL!!!

I give you , the SNAKEBITE II!!!!
no pocket clip, complete with skull crusher :)
BTW, it is a small :D
Is there anything wrong with a Mayo T.N.T.? Absolutely Yes! ;)

First: They spoil you for any other folder, they are that good! :) The fit & finish is incredible, easily the best I've personally ever seen in a folder.

Second: Tom can only make so many knives so fast, so the T.N.T.'s are normally a little hard to come by. :(

My T.N.T has become my favorite carry knife, period! :D