It you could only have 1 knife...?

Jan 18, 1999
Here's the scenario...
Society has collapsed, all at once, not little by little, as it is now.
You and your family are wandering the wasteland, like Mad Max (a little fatter, a little balder and without that cute accent)
You can't bring that trunk of fine knives, you've worked a lifetime collecting. You determine you can bring only two.
You'll use these two for skinning, butchering, building, defense, whatever.
Which two ??
Tell you what, to ease the tension I'll throw in the third choice Leatherman-type/SAK of your choice.
I'll have to check my trunk to pick my two, and I'll get back to you,
but I'm interested in your choices.
Take your time, remember, all warranties are voided.
These two will have to last a lifetime.

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I'm going to base my answer on what I really have available RIGHT now;
Spyderco Moran
Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie
Victorinox Swisstool
(sure I can't bring that duffel bag too?)
Whoa! Tough decision, hope that it will never be a reality. However, you can never tell these days! I guess that I'll have to pick these from my collection:

SOG Navy Seals 2000
Bob Dozier Yukon Pro Skinner
Victorinox Swiss Tool

Bye collection! There's so many more of you I wanted to take along...sorry to leave you behind...tears! HEHE!
Busse Battle Mistress
another Busse Battle Mistress
and a Regular Leatherman

And there you have it...

How can you do this to me. I would never leave my house if I had to decide this. But, out of my current collection I would take:

My Leatherman supertool or my SOG tool.
I would take along a Randall model 1 or 14
and a Victorinox Swiss champ.Later,RS
Gee, Doc, I hope you mean in addition to what I usually carry.
In any case...

Muela Bowie
Spydie Moran

Since I wouldn't want the wife & daughter to walk around naked...

Blackjack Anaconda I Bowie
A.G. Russell Sting (large)
SAK w/corkscrew (we hate broken glass in the wine)

Bianchi Nighthawk
A.G. Russell Sting (small)

I know we're talking knives but, figuring one gun apiece & rotating carry as appropriate...

Mini 14 (for those mad moments)
12 ga pump, pistol grip, heat shield on barrel (street cleaning)
Winchester Model 70 in .270 (reach out & touch someone)

Are the dogs eligible to carry as well?
Looking forward to hearing your choices, Doc.


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I would bring my,

Cold Steel Trailmaseter
EDi Genesis I
Leatherman PST II

The Genesis is the smoothest knife I have handled.

Well first off, you'd never catch me with only two knives

But, if I could only choose two with a multipurpose tool out of my current collection...

Busse Steel Heart II
Grohmann Skinner
Leatherman Super Tool

Of course, I'd bury the rest of my collection prior to leaving the AO so I could revisit and re-choose

Doc - What kind of "sharpening" tool would you bring to keep your first and second choices effective. A knife without a sharpening method is like a car without gasoline. (too heavy to hook up to a horse?)
interesting thread, thanx.
You're right, we need a sharpener too.
I have the crock sticks and the diamond encrusted "miracle" tools which seem to work okay for "some" knives. But if I were limited to one, I would pick a good old Arkansas Stone and oil.

Every body else picked 3. How did you wangle yourself into 9 and a small arsenal.
and "NO" the dogs don't get to pick 3 too.

I'm still working on my list. I've picked 2, but the skinner is a tough choice. I'll get back to you.
I'll be damned...under these rules I've already got what I need:

* Mad Dog WSP1 (ATAK variant, different serration pattern) - indestructable tool.
* The Outsider - for "social work".
* Gerber Multipliers with hex drive kit and hand-picked bits including 3" longshafts in Phillips and regular.

Jim March
If I had to bug-out today:

Randall Model 14,
Spyderco Military,
Leatherman PST.

Still looking for the ultimate tools though.
Regarding a sharpening tool -- If Doc doesn't disqualify my Lansky system since it has multiple stones
, I'd bring that. Otherwise, I'd tote a Gerber steel that could also be used as a small pry bar/chisel.

1. the only large fixed blade I own, an IRBI (Virgil Campbell, AK) for chopping and skinning.
2. Victorinox SAK, my first knife and the only one with a small woodsaw and can opener <-- the ultimate apocalypse survival tool!

My goodness; what a difficult choice; here are my choices, although I am resisting the urge to bring my many children along with THEIR knives, as the question as I read it, pertains to just me.

1) Mad Dog ATAK2; tremendous big knife; can dig holes in the earth, and cut sheet metal, also serves as mean fighter.

2) Mad Dog Pygmy ATAK2; an even stronger knife than above, if shorter. Will withstand more prying than any other blade of which I am aware.

3)Leatherman Super Tool; fairly compact, good selection of tools, sturdy.

4) Sharpener, DMT tapered rod, red handled version. Can sharpen knives dry, removes metal quickly, long lasting, puts nice edge on knives. Just my faves. Walt
I forgot that the subject of firearms has been brought up.

The only survival gun I would consider is a .22LR. You can easily carry 2000 rounds. I would prefer a rifle (I have a nice Browning semi auto), but would settle for a handgun, such as my S&W Kit gun. Another advantage of the .22LR is that it doesn't make a lot of noise, so doesn't attract a lot of attention.

Of course, I have some Tuf Cloths, and a mini tool kit with me..... Walt
Based on what I actually have it would be:
My new Spyderco Military
My small sebenza
and my trusty Leatherman Supertool.