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Just wanted to let the folks at SOG know....

Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by 3Guardsmen, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. Kermit

    Kermit Banned BANNED

    Mar 15, 2005
    All of my favourite karambits have a Spyderco style hole too, only they are big enough to put your entire finger through.:rolleyes::grumpy:

    As soon as that 'feature' gets 'Patented'...well dont say you havent been forewarned knife fans.:rolleyes::grumpy:

    Keep doing what you do best SOG, those fixed blades you make have earned a very high reputation for a reason.
  2. Bobby_C


    May 31, 2010
    Judges aren't that naive. They can win if the lawyers put up a good case. Look at the case against McD's and the burning coffee. Who would've thought they'd lose to a stupid fat woman? The particulars that the lawyers found (superheating water to get the most out of the coffee grounds) is what won her the case.

    That said, I wouldn't boycott a company for having a few knives that look like someone else's. I wouldn't buy them and I'm sure others wouldn't either. No need to get your panties in a bunch. The model will not be successful and they'll probably pull it from their lineup.

    Personally, I don't get the Spyderco knives. I've seen video reviews and looked very closely at pics online. I'm sure they work well but I think they're ugly and the hole looks stupid. But then again, I've never tried one. I'd be happy to hear counterpoints to my opinion. Really.

    I just bought a Seal Pup Elite for camping and Trident folding knife to replace my Gerber AR 3.00 for EDC. The Seal Pup Elite is very nice. I got it with the nylon sheath because the kydex sheath looks gimmicky. Even though it's made in Taiwan, the quality of the knife and sheath is very good. The Trident is awesome with SAT and arc lock. The blade was a bit loose but I read about it before I ordered it and plan on tightening it and adding loctite. I think the arc lock is way better than the liner lock on my Gerber. It is bigger and bulkier than I thought it would be so I don't think it will replace my Gerber as my EDC but I'll definitely carry it on camping trips along with the Seal Pup Elite. I also have a PowerLock multi tool that I've had for over a year and love it.
  3. Hadji Flip Me Over

    Hadji Flip Me Over

    Mar 1, 2010
    I don't like really any of SOG's new designs except for the fixed version of their Vulcan. Otherwise, it seems like they're going completely crazy, yet somehow not making them functional.

    SOG really needs to stick to conventional designs for fixed blades and folders. If they do that, they make outstanding knives.
  4. collect


    Jun 16, 2010
    yea crappy design something i would find at a smoke shop sog has its ups and downs
  5. nicklovesknives


    Mar 13, 2007
    I loved the Tomcat folders of the past, but this entire debacle has left a bitter taste in my mouth with regards to SOG.

  6. tiger_blade


    Dec 16, 2007

  7. MartinQ


    Aug 11, 2010
    I don't know about the rest of SOG's line, but I really liked their Seki-Made VG-10 folders (the Arcitech, Facet, Pendulum, Toothlock, Vulcan, Tomcat, Stingray, and Fatcat).
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2010
  8. waynejitsu


    Oct 1, 2002

    Hello to all:
    As Bob Lum's widow, I am the owner of all his designs. I hope to always maintain the integrity and legacy of my late husband and his beautiful work.....of coarse I am very biased.

    As for the SOG saber tip type folder, yes that looks like a Lum design....do you think I'm getting royalty checks? Fat chance...... and I would never do anything about it because that was not Bob's way, as many of you know.

    But what comes around, goes around or whatever that saying is.


    Stealing designs and "Original ideas", is wrong and I will (like most of you) never buy another sog (yes, small case letters now)

    American companies complain about pirated products from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, etc., but then sit on a "high horse" here and do the same thing to another American company.
    I know a lot of businesses have gotten "dirty" (everything from dumping toxic waste in public areas to..., stealing another designs), but what I see below is one of the most disgusting things someone can do to someone else...,
    And that is to steal from a widowed woman.
    sog obviously did not ask to use Bob Lum's designs, all they saw was another chance to rip off someone else and this time it was not just another big company, this time it was a widow of a very talented knife designer with original ideas and innovations, so, what does sog do?

    RIP's off the design of a dead man and his widow!!!

    I always wondered how low a company would stoop for the love of money..., to me, this is about as low as you can go!!
    (even "if" Mrs. Lum received a royalty check, at this point, it would ONLY be because of bad publicity and like big business, "Paying to keep things hush, hush", NOT because it was the right thing to do.
    To do the "right thing", you ASK..., "Before" you TAKE from a widow..., or anyone else for that matter)

    I guess after seeing people take advantage of others since grade school and trying to stick up for them..., the underdog..., seeing a large company TAKE from a widow..., well, that is about as low as you can go and I will NOT support such a "group of people", if you can any longer call them "people".

    I have some earlier sog knives, but will never own another one, some of the reasons are listed below-

    I do not support STEALING
    I do not support STEALING From WIDOWS
    I do not support STEALING From DECEASED Designers
    I do not support STEALING From other Company's.

    You can call it whatever you want, lots of legal terms, loop holes, etc, etc, HOWEVER, to good, honest folks, STEALING is STEALING no matter how you name it, no matter how you "pretty it up", no matter how you look at it.
    To good, regular people, right is still right and wrong is still wrong.
    Even "if" sog decided to make a public apology, send everyone a free knife, write royalty checks to those that were Ripped Off, to me, that would not make it right..

    What were you thinking..., Ripping Off a Widow!!!
    How Low Can You go!?!?!?!

    That, in and of itself shows the mentality of sog,
    That, in and of itself shows the morality of sog,
    That, in and of itself shows what sog thinks of YOU,
    Did they think You would be too stupid to know?

    I do not know the legalities, however, I do know right from wrong..., I do have a conscience..., I do have compassion for people, especially people grieving & widows
    It looks like someone else does Not..., Obviously!!

    I could go on and on..., this whole "Ripping Off Widows" thing from a company that if anything, "should" be trying to help the grieving, not Taking from the Grieving.
    THIS JUST SICKENS ME and sure many others that know there is companies out there that would take advantage of Widows..., I am pissed!! That "could" be Your Mother, Wife, Sister, etc.

    I do not care how good there designs "may" become in the future, the sog knives I currently own are all the sog knives I will ever own.
    I DO NOT SUPPORT such behavior!!
  9. zyhano


    Dec 3, 2009
    what DO you support?
    and royalty checks were invented in the 20th century, before that, everybody used another's useful design and got on with their life. I suggest you do the same.
  10. Wunderbar


    May 2, 2003
    I agree with Jean. By the way, this is the 21st century. Things are much different now.:thumbup:
  11. kitkat52

    kitkat52 Banned BANNED

    Aug 15, 2010
    :D:DAfter reading about this knife I had to test one.The knife is a 10 out of a 10.It is very well made and can really cut like a SOG does.The knife looks like feels like it cost $100.00.You can find them at the Bass Pro Shop.I love SOG.
  12. watchcollector1968


    Jun 1, 2008
    Well, I guess I have not really looked at or bought a new knife in way too long. Anyways, I got one of these (22 bucks) at a local store...now that it is home and I really got to look closer and think about it,...what a knock-off.

    Has SOG ever tried to discuss this design or give Spyderco credit? Also curious, why the separated top of the opening hole? I can think of no purpose for it, does it have a reason for being like that?

    Well, for 22 bucks the knife really is put together very well. Guess they saved some money since they did not have to spend any on design.
  13. nutz_about_knives


    Aug 21, 2005
    waynejitsu very well put there mate. I couldn't finish that up in my previous post.

    If they copied it inch for inch Spyderco's lawyers would be crawling all over the sog factory.
  14. exidor


    Dec 30, 2006
    I like SOG fixed blades and the power lock,and still do!
    I have never cared for there folders,older or newer!still don't!
  15. Alann45


    Jul 4, 2009
    I started another thread some time ago because I was curious too. Never got an answer from SOG. There were some comments about it giving greater finger purchase...well maybe.
    There was also some disucssion about it weakening the blade, which most, including me, doubt.
    I also doubt it's there to avoid the perception of copying another design...if so, that didn't work.
    The only thing it looks good for to me is snagging on threads in your pocket...not exactly a plus.

    Another thing that had me curious and that I asked about was the description of the handle:
    "The grip is a dual directional prehistoric armor plate"
    Prehistoric armor? :confused:
    At first I though maybe the copy writer was being funny.
    What the heck is prehistoric armor? Dinosaur skin?
    Never got an answer to that either.
  16. Quiet.and.Simple


    Dec 28, 2009
    I, for one, did not know about sog knives' (the lowercase is intentional) flagrant copying of other manufacturers designs. If I had, I would not have chosen the Agency that I recently purchased. As consumers we have a power. That power is choice. We can CHOOSE where (or where NOT) to spend our money. With that power comes responsibility. We should be responsible enough to make CERTAIN that our choices are educated. In this case, the evidence speaks for itself. I personally feel that sog did not simply borrow designs, but blatantly copied them. I am personally DISGUSTED by the rip-off of Bob Lum's design, and the subsequent disregard to his surviving widow.

    I own two sog blades, a seki made seal pup, and a taiwan made agency. These will be the last two knives that I buy from this company. Furthermore, I will NEVER AGAIN recommend their knives, and will do my part to educate people on why I find sog to have turned into a DESPICABLE company. I believe the statistic is that one angry customer generates $40,000 in lost revenue due to bad publicity. The reply from sog's Designer was inexcusable. Anyone who works in a profession where they have to interface with the public will realize what a load of crap was fed to us, with that reply. I cannot respect that. I can also appreciate the position that their customer service representative Chris is in. Chris, I do not envy you.

    In short, I am going to exercise my power of choice to never buy from sog again, and to let my people know exactly how I feel about them. To sog, @#$% you.
  17. snorkem


    Aug 12, 2009
    SOG is just bad plain and simple
  18. mat_890


    Mar 19, 2010
    Shut the fuck up. Such a disgusting accusation is about as low as I have ever scene bladeforums members go. Take emotion out of the equation and the knives are not overly similar. Surely that little bend in the handle and a somewhat similar blade grind cannot be the only reason you would make such a horrible accusation. You cannot hold rights to such insignificant aspects of knife design.

    Did Sog rip off the other knives pictured....YES
    Did Sog rip off a Widow of a legend?....NO

    Don't get it twisted I'm not defending Sog and their choices as I do not agree, however there are certain things you do not say on baseless grounds and you wayne have crossed the line.
  19. nutz_about_knives


    Aug 21, 2005
    Just to refresh your memory...


    YOU be the judge. I don't have any knowledge of any of Bob Lum's designs but my eyes can see the difference (or similarity for that matter).
  20. gadgetgeek


    May 19, 2007
    Holy Wow this thread got hot and bothered. I can only guess that Chris doesn't exactly feel welcome around these parts. There are a lot of people here very quick to assign blame, and arm chair lawyer all over a company. at the end of the day the quality that a given maker can produce will be the deciding factor as to where in the market they fall. If SOG decides to start down the path to being a mid-low end maker like CS then so be it, if spyderco and BM keep along the path to Mid-high, There is room in the market for everyone.
    Go have a cookie, and stop freaking out over it. it just isn't worth it.
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