K-BAR USMC Destruction Test Video

Are these videos also on youtube? For some reason I've been haveing a hard time viewing them on the new web site.
Never mind I found them I just did a search on youtube under your nicname and they came up thanks.
No I have not tested any knife spitting 4x4s not using a baton. Thats the way I
always spit wood in the field.
I performed cutting tests through out the video.I test the knife out of the box as is and see what it can endure.
yeah, but the advatage of a simple carbon steel knife is that, if done properly, it can easily be resharpened in the field. It would just be interesting to see how longit will keepon cutting before it needs a touch up,especially compared to some of the "super' stainless knives and how easy it is to sharpen....real world test, my man. The W2 fighter that i just finished takes about 4-5 strokes on each side on an arkansas stone and it's good to go.
Using a knife without resharpening is like using a firearm without reloading...:D
I finished watching The kbar usmc. man I'm going to have to rethink everything I
thought I knew about knives. Man where have i been blade forums rules
noss your fantastic I love it where do you get these knives for beating bloody
I do have a SOG tiger shark and I may test it since I have never used it for anything else it is still in the box.

I would like to test the trail master it is expensive so it will have to be at a later date.

you need to start a knife and fund donation area of your website so people can help you purchase or give you knives to test.