Kailash Blades- Show off your knives!

Mar 27, 2010
Hey JayGoliath ,
Know its a little late but just looking through older threads and that Ek Chirra looks its in the environment it should be , it just looks a solid functional knife . I like my traditional khukuris but if I was still young and fit enough to visit the places and environments I have in the past it is something like this I would take with me . Especially with the Micarta handle wrap , just whats needed in a junglr environment .

In energy-sapping and water-draining environment like this, a good, sharp working tool is essential.
You want to process what you need and proceed to cool off. Ek Chirra with the Micarta handle proves just that and indeed very powerful for what it is made. I haven't gone past 50% yet.