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  1. tjswarbrick


    Mar 31, 2011

    Also, Jim, back to our earlier discussion:

    Hiromoto AS and Kobayashi Dojo both appeal to me (mostly because they're affordable Aogami Super.) Hiromoto looks more "complete" (Western?), while the dojo looks a little more budget to me, in stock photos. Hiro's AS line doesn't seem to include a Nakiri.
    So, the question is, does the AS impart a more refined, higher quality feel than the dojo in use? Or is it only superficial?
    Does one have a larger, or more ergonomic, handle than the other? (I wear XL gloves.)
    The only Japanese knives I can find to test are Global and Shun, and neither interest me to the degree that these do. (Shun Elite in SRS-15 does, but not for the prices they exact.)
    Any assistance you can offer or wisdom you can impart is greatly appreciated.

    I hope to get a petty, santuko, and nakiri in the coming months. I guess what I really need to decide is, should I get them all from the same line, or would I be better served hand-picking each one, nevermind that they don't seem to go together. (None will match my guyto, either way, unless I fall in love with another line and sell or gift the Miyabi.)

    *** OP and Mod's: I hope I didn't derail this thread too far off line. Let me know if I should start my own, or communicate via PM. ***
  2. chester22


    Feb 1, 2012
    picked all these up this week for home use.....

  3. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis

    Feb 7, 2006
    I am an avid home cook and also an avid cutter. I have a small collection of kitchen knives i use on a daily basis. After using quality kitchen cutlery, i will never use a dull knife again :)

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