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Jul 23, 2015
The thought of compiling this list had been intimidating me at first, because of the fairly wide variety of designs I've made now. Including them all would be a pretty difficult, perhaps impossible challenge. When I started a few years ago, it never occurred to me to document my design progress. Nor even to name everything I made, especially as so many are one-offs, variants, or similar designs. So this will not be a comprehensive or chronological list, but more of a presentation of some knives I have come up with that I believe represent why I got into knife making in the first place, and which I would gladly make again. So here are some of my designs (all of course inspired by the thousands of existing knife styles) that I believe offer a mix of comfort, style, intrigue, performance, and versatility. Feel free to comment in this thread, as I will periodically edit this original post with links to models as I add them. Some links may redirect to other threads.

I can tell you for sure the first post will be my favorite big knife: The Barax.

My favorite EDC knife: The Prevail


Boomerang and Bittyrang

Ultraslim Necker (these could still use a real name....)



Speed Gladius

Mustelid Series

Bird in Trouble

Skinny Fat Bowie

Fried Liver Attack

Bitty Bitey Baby Birdie


Midnighter Fighter



A well loved EDC slicer: The EDChef

Finesse Filet

Godzilla Smatchet and Big Tiny

Gurkha Gator Swamp Khukuri

David Mary's Little Lamb, Bleater and Bloss, a lamb, a lamb, and a ram!

Björn Bowie




Desert Serpent
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Barax Machete


So named by a forumite to shorten “Barong-Seax”, which was the name, or rather descriptive moniker by which I had referred to the original half a dozen or so iterations. I have adapted the design to stock thicknesses ranging from 3/32” up to 3/16”, in blades ranging from 13” to 15”.


The design evolved from my interest in large knives, especially the Filipino Ginunting. The idea started with the humble beginning of “what will happen if I combine the handle of a Cold Steel Barong Machete with a straight seax blade. Oversized handle to facilitate bringing the balance back for nimbler handling in the choked up position, and iterations have been advancing towards more and more chopping power. Once I was requested to make a Ginunting with the Barax handle.


I cut the original by hand from 3/16” 1084 stock and gave it a 7” handle and a thinly ground 13”. Handling was delightful, and cutting power was impressive. These knives have always had a good bite.

At this time I have two Baraxes up and coming, both in AEB-L. One in 1/8" thick stock, with a 16" blade, and the other, still out for heat treatment, in 3/32" stock, with about a 1/4" taller 15" blade. Both will be added to this post once they are completed and I can get pics. Hopefully video as well. And one of them will be mine. I can't keep letting these all go.

Update: This one's mine. I etched my maker's mark on it since the pics were taken.


Six inch diameter tree, and unnecessarily dramatic grimaces and ...questionable... posture and technique 😅

Four inch diameter tree, a haircut, and a convenient way to pick wood up off the ground
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Inspired by the Resilience and Tenacious line of Spyderco designs, and named by a customer, this is my favorite EDC knife design.


I used my LC200N Prevail to cut worn grinding belts before I sold it as an R&D knife.


The blade is tall on this 4" blade, but the tip pointy and nimble. A very versatile knife, and I carried one in 1/4" AEB-L every day.


Then moved it along to a friend and then carried a saber ground wharncliffe variant before before moving it along as well.


Now I'm onto an XL version in MagnaCut with a freehand textured Micarta and Padauk handle (EDIT, I sold it to a friend since):

Looks like I go through Prevails the way some guys go through boots lol

Here's the one I carry now:

Prevail Serrated.jpg
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Every day chef, but pronounced Ee dee chef. A mini chef knife that can be carried everywhere, but with just enough handle cant that it can be pressed against a cutting board while also being capable of more aggressive cutting angles than a typical chef knife, thus lending it also to EDC tasks.

Paper micarta/15N20

Bocote 15N20, EDChef Mini by special request



EDChef Mark II, next to Prevail, pic taken by BFs member who had them both at the same time from their respective Pass-Arounds

If there is a knife or model of mine you think I should represent here, please mention it, and I'll see if I have pics archived, or I can use yours if you have any.
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Puuko/sumo jitsu.


Added by David: The sumo-jitsu was a second variant of this design, in thicker stock. The above is 3/32". The design is meant to be a small knife that packs a lot of blade for its size, and geared towards everyday utility tasks. The design will see a number of variants and offshoots coming in my current MagnaCut run, and also a Sumo-Jitsu or two in .225" 8670.
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Where oh where have I seen that top Barax before? lol I can't wait for Wharndiculous's write up! People slept on that knife and now I use it all the time.
The Ginunting/Barax has always reminded me of the mythical Fairbairn Cobra, just larger (the Cobra repros are 10" blades). Your version makes for a serious combative blade!!

So named for its unusually (ridiculously?) long wharncliffe blade, this was a one-off in AEB-L, featuring some elements common in my other designs, notably a neutral and minimalistic handle, and aggressive blade to handle angle for increased cutting leverage. The shape of this knife represents a foundation upon which I will almost certainly build more knives of various styles. Just imagine the knife below with a bit of a pinky hook added onto the handle, or some belly on the blade, or with slight changes in proportions. This is how many of my designs come about, being modified versions of my own previous designs, or pieces influenced by designs from other makers. When you think about it, Wharndiculous is basically a Prevail with a slightly longer wharncliffe blade, and no kick, hump, or pinky hook.

Pics below courtesy of Wharndiculous' master, scarysamcary scarysamcary


Huge fan of Wharndiculous, it gets an quite a bit of use. The AEB-L is tough enough to handle cuts around the shop without dulling, while remaining resistant enough for me to be able to keep it stain free with practically no care beyond a quick wipe down with a rag. I find the long, slender tip to be reminiscent of a witch's finger, reaching out to make awkward cuts that my other knives would struggle with, while maintaining enough blade at the base for the rest of my cutting needs.

Unexpected, but never unappreciated, I happily give Wharndiculous an A+ as a knife model and will treat my post as caretaker of the original with honor.
Nice. Would love to see what that would look like with a slight bit of a belly.

I believe Sharp & Fiery Sharp & Fiery owns that one, unless he moved it along, I can't remember. It's called the Boomerang.

This one? 😁
I do still own it and it has a custom leather sheath now too!

Added by David:

I found some old pics of another one I made of this model last year, with Dymalux scales and a Boltaron sheath.


Also added by David:
Boomerang will soon have a 2nd version, AND a baby brother, the Bittyrang, as announced in this thread:

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Those are just so sweet! I am already debating between a Barax-like shape, Resilience-like shape or a wharncliffe for the next DM custom... If possible, may even get it out of the same batch of 8670. That sounds like some sweet stuff.

My Spearpoint worked great cutting a ton of tomatoes into 8ths for Bruschetta, far out-cutting a BD1N Spyderco Z-Cut that was being used alongside, that's very much thinner (but did need a touchup anyhow). I hesitate to refer to it as a "Necker" as I carry it inside a messenger bag. It feels a bit like Spyderco did a big SAK blade, loving it.

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