Knife Models by David Mary and Collaborations

Thank you so much for reminding me Bluearcflash Bluearcflash ! As I recall this one is in 3/32" carbon steel with a really thin kind of besh wedge style grind. I don't trust myself enough to use a double edged long blade in that manner, haha, but I'm super glad it's working for you. Added to the OP!
Bird in Trouble

This is a slightly broader bladed version of a bird & trout design that was requested previously by a customer. The original had an aggressive pinky hook that may have worked well for smaller hand and certain grip types, but I found it constrictive, and I have a bias towards more neutral handles anyway. Combine that will my love for thin geometry, and it was just natural that I would make the blade a bit taller to allow that geometry to be spread out over more steel, allowing for a slightly more gradual taper from the spin to the edge for increased slicing performance.

This design is 6 3/4" overall, with a cutting edge just under 3". With a completely gutted tang, this one is perfect for neck carry and is not limited to fish and small game, but would make an excellent small blade for the home, office, trail or just out on a run.

Uh-oh... you've done it again!
How much, what are the grip options, and when can we order them?
Also, don't you have one already with the original bird's beak/pinky hook design?
Björn Bowie

A design collaboration between me and Kevin Anthony, a friend and former colleague from my previous employment, this knife is made for strength and slicing in a compact footprint. With a hand filling neutral handle, and full height convex grind tapering to a thin edge and fine upswept point, the Björn Bowie is ready to tackle everything from cardboard, to skinning and self defense.

Skinny Fat Bowie


Originally a one-off experiment, it is so named for its thin .093" stock and wide blade. Just under 9 1/4" overall with a low saber ground blade and zero ground clip, the Skinny Fat Bowie is a unique and somewhat quirky design with an extremely sharp point, and lends itself to a variety of tasks, not the least of which includes self defense, especially in the more recent thicker .140" MagnaCut variant.


Fried Liver Attack
This is a knife I came up with as a spontaneous thought experiment and challenge to myself involving two things I love: knives, and chess. I decided to make a knife with this name, which is the name of an opening in chess. After a brief brainstorm, I determined that the knife profile should occupy all of the squares on black's side of the board that initially were occupied by black's pieces, but which are vacant after white has given checkmate using the Fried Liver Attack (black has to be kind of inexperienced at chess to allow this to happen).

I believe this 5.3" knife with a 2.5" cutting edge will be a super handy and effective little utility knife easily carried on a keychain, in a pocket or around the neck.


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Bitty Bitey Baby Birdie

This knife, 4.9" overall, 2.6" cutting edge, originally happened by accident. I had a cancelled order for a camp chopper. Someone asked for a chef. I said sure, I can mod the chopper. I was left with a small piece of the handle. What to do with it? It was magnacut, and longer than 4 inches, so too valuable to throw away.

Find a knife in it then! And so the Bitty Bitey Baby Birdie was born (with some name inspiration from our beloved Crag the Brewer Crag the Brewer ).

I ended up making two chefs from these blanks, and so two of these Birdies were born. These prototype were in .140" MagnaCut.


Going forward I'll make them from stock thicknesses ranging anywhere from .06" and up. There are two more in process at the time of this post in .08" AEB-L, awaiting plasma cutting and heat treatment. Future iterations will not have the "eyeball", and will have two pin positions instead of one.

Long overdue update:

A few recent additions to the BBBB flock:
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