knives you keep coming back to?


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Dec 25, 1998
I have had the pleasure to own several awesome knives lately. The Microtech LCC and the Al Mar SERE 2000 to name a couple. It seems as though I see a knife I want and say "I'll get this knife for my daily carry". I own more expensive knives and knives that have better fit and finish, but I keep coming back to the Spyderco Wegner. The Wegner is a tried and true friend. Ultra reliable, it has never let me down.

By now I am sure that most people that know me associate me with my love for this design, much as people know about Joe T's fondness of the Benchmade 710.

I could go into a lot of detail about why I love this knife, but that is well documented throughout the forums.

Is there a knife that you keep coming back to? An old favorite that you just can't give up?

Dennis Bible

Well during the weeki carry my small sebenza in a G2 sheath, on the weekends i carry my spyderco aluminum cricket.
I keep going back to Randall Knives and when I sell one,I have withdrawl syndrome soon after.My daily folder carry right now is the BM-940.I usually wind up going back to a sebenza

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The knife that keeps finding its' way into my pocket is a Spyderco Calypso Jr. Don't know what it is about it but I love that thing!

Brandwise, I'm willing to try new things. But Spyderco and Busse I come back for the Spyderhole and thick blade respectively.

I come back for the sharpness and hardness of 440V, VG-10 and INFI and even AUS 8.
Spyderco Dragonfly. I'm on my third now (one
lost, one damaged) and I love these things. I
have yet to find a knife as innocuous, light,
and small that cuts in such a controlled and
competent manner.

No problems with it at the airport, either.

The knife I keep coming back to is the Benchmade Mel Pardue 720. I can't give it up. I really like this knife.
for me it has to be my Spyderco delica, I have many much more expensive knives, I have many larger and smaller knives, This year my daily carries have been a small wood inlay sebenza, a calypso junior, and a BM 710, I have bought several more knives, but at least once a week, I still carry my old beat up delica. It has to be the best value in the knife world.
It says a great deal about Spyderco that this
thread so far contains half a dozen mentions
of their knives as nearly inevitable choices
for daily carry and work... very impressive!

My Emerson SOCFK,is the knife for me although I am Partial to my Elishewitz "Parrot Beak"

Cold Steel Tanto. I have a "new-style" Stainless right now, but I think I have bought, traded, or sold 6 or 7 CS Tantos in the past 15 or so years.

Dann Fassnacht
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Spyderco native. Even though mine is up for sale right now, i'll probably end up getting another.

My Delica. I bought a mini-AFCK to replace it, but now I just carry both. I couldn't bring myself to "retire" my Delica. When I broke the plastic clip off I fixed it myself instead of sending it back to Spyderco. I couldn't ponder the thought of not having it in my pocket for the time it took to repair it.
Its been used and sharpened so much that the serrations are rounded off. No more points to the teeth. Oh well.

I have to admit there have been a lot of awesome new releases lately, and I love my Microtech LCC. However I'm still a hardcore fan of Benchmades 910 series. Out of all the knives I have, it just seems to be me more than anything else.

Dark Nemesis

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I recently got my Spyderco Gunting and trainer.And the trainer never leaves my side,but it has an intended purpose,and unless I'm going to an undesirable or new place I'll carry my live Gunting.Spyderco is my brand by far and for utility it's always been my military.Nothing cuts better IMHO

Someday my friends ,I'll own em all