Knives You'd Carry Purely Peacably

Oct 3, 1998
I've started this thread once or twice before, in one or another of the knife forums, but since we do "What have we got in our pocketses?" and "If you could only have X knives . . ." now and again, I thought I'd run this one by again:

Because either it's a perfectly peaceful world, or you have a weapon or weapons that are superior to knives in every way, and everybody knows it, you do not need a knife as a defensive weapon, and nobody else is afraid that your knife will be an offensive weapon, so you can carry any sharp objects you want, what knives would you normally carry "in town"?

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I don't regularly carry a knife with the idea that I am going to need it as a weapon, so I can answere this question with the knives that I carry on an regular basis. I usually carry either an EDI Genesis 1 or a Spyderco Police or a Harpy. On occasion I carry one of the axis locks, AFCK or Mini-AFCK. Of course what is in my pocket changes on an almost daily basis. And it is my sincere hope that I never have to resort to using anything as a weapon.
I'm gonna look like a hypocrite here and say I'd carry a folder. Maybe social restrictions no longer apply, but they're comfy, they're easy to carry, and in a "perfect" world I can set pure function aside and indulge my mechanical fascinations. Also leaves my belt free for the all-important multi-tool

I'm going to pick the Spyderco Calypso. Classy, a pleasure to hold, excellent blade geometry and steel, all around gentlemanly knife except for the large size, which I prefer (and there's always the Jr.) In this perfect world, maybe folks won't laugh at me if I have a "lighter use" knife, instead of some overbuilt G-10 monstrosity. Though, speaking of G-10, the C50 Centofante is another fine choice... how I wish such a pretty knife had classier scales...

Just the first things that popped into my head there

I usually have a GT mini auto in my pocket. It,s small, light, sharp, will cover 99% of what I would usually need a knife for, and it's fun to play with.
Gosh, if everyone were really peaceful then there wouldn't be any problem with me carrying that battle Mistress in the open would there?
Currenlty I wear my BF Native most often. Occasionally I switch out with my endura, but many here find that a little large. I think I may end up wearing the Calypso Jr. Ltwt. if I do indeed get that.

I've thought about getting the full size Calypso, but I think for my purposes, a knife with about a 3" blade works best. Considering everything, I think I'd prefer micarta over the FRN, but I like the possibility of getting the better steel.
For me personally nothing would change, and I'd carry the very same knives I normally carry on a daily basis.

Carson, Perrin, Simonich, Perkins, Raker and a few factory models.

It's harder to decide what clothes to wear. Black jeans or blue.


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I typically carry two knives, my Emerson Commander and my Blue Native. The Blue Native I use for utility, the Commander for defense. If I didn't need the Commander, I'd still carry the Native, cause it's about perfect for the everyday cutting tasks I do like opening boxes and envelopes, fingernail trimming, etc.


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Mostly for functionality I carry one of the following a BM330 an Almite Walker (both of which are 2 1/2" or less so OK on federal facilty where I work, weekends Calypso Jr or an Almar ultralight falcon. I guess I am small knife kind of person. When I think I may need something for defence I bring a 710 Axis.
Front pants pocket-three blade stockman

Watch pocket-Spyderco Endura, or Delica, or standard

Back pocket- Buck 560 (wich recently took the place of a thicker and heavier LB7)
If defense would never be an issue,
I would forego my lockbacks for
a stag handled stockman or trapper, worn in a leather belt sheath.
If fixed blades would not create a stir, I would alternate the folder with my Mike Irie Skinh Dhu (sp?).
(I love stag!)
It sounds like a nice world.
Probably the same knives I carry now. A Delica, Endura, mini-AFCK, and a Ladybug.

Assuming cost is also not part of this. I would carry some type of otf like the HALo. I don't have one but I have played with one and they are great.
I'll probably always carry a SAK or a Leatherman. I do carry a single blade folder when I'm around town, lately my Cuda, but I like the BM Stryker and before that, my Buck Crosslock got the nod, and before that I used a Spyderco Rescue. That goes back about five years, the SAK started 25yrs back.


Probably just my AG Russell Classic Muskrat or the Arkansas Folding Toothpick (same source) or ,when it arrives, my Case Select XX Whittler.
But, then, the Lakota ProHawk might get an occasional airing.
'course, it goes without saying, the Leatherman Wave is on my belt and the Micra is on the keyring.

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I do live in a rather tranquil area and don't primarily carry for defense. At the moment I carry a Victorinox Adventurer (SAK) with my favorite 5 blades, one of with is a 3.25" locking blade. It's my town and casual travel knife. But in my ideal world I transition frequently between in town and in the forest so I don't select my peaceful knives just as city knives.

If I could swap the blade for a 440V or BG42 equivalent my Adventurer would probably be the primary knife I would take on casual jaunts to mountains as well. Since Victorinox has not seen the light I need another for more outdoorsy use. I expect my Spyderco Terzoula Starmate to arrive next week.

For actual hunting my current knife of choice is a Buck Vanguard Master Series with BG42 blade. My ideal world involves killing harmless elk, eviscerating them, and eating them.

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I'd still carry my Dragonfly. It works for all the utility tasks I normally run into.

I still find it somewhat amazing that people carry a knife for defensive purposes. We carry handguns for defensive purposes around here. I guess if I had to carry something sharp for defensive purposes it would be one of those big a$$ Conan swords. Never heard of anyone getting mugged while carrying one of those

Not so amazing when you consider that handguns are forbidden (under pain of jail...or, even, death) to just about everybody on the planet. Seems you live in one of the "exceptional" areas.

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I too live in the exceptional part of the world that still allows the freedom of open carry of knives or firearms for that matter. My daily carry is the Uluchet and a small LB3 Uncle Henry that was a gift from a former employer. Niether of these is carried for defensive purposes, only utility.

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SAK, always. You never know when you might encounter an aggressive cork or those cellophane coffee packets.