Knives You'd Carry Purely Peacably

If the law didn't get in my way, I'd carry an old lever-tab switchblade with about a 3.25" blade. Very safe one-hand opening and closing. Solid lock. Very convenient when you have only one hand free. I always consider the sound entertaining. Very good utility knife. Another feature I'd like in my SAK.
Peaceable carry for me means the biggest knife I find useful, but the smallest that's convenient to always have on me. I imagine this varies considerably with the "use" each of us puts them thru, as well as the wardrobe we wear them on/in. Even if I could legally pack a 15" Bowie, I wouldn't just for the personal inconvenience...just like I always carry my palmtop computer vs toting a laptop.

My carry would be the BM330 and the Wegner Jr. The latter is bigger and more useful for general cutting, but the former is easier to carry while wearing shorts or almost anything else, while still retaining a useful (for me) cutting length.
The Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, purely functional and not seen as a threat when you pull one out.

The William Henry line of knives, still love the one I have, and when I show it off, no one jumps back and runs away, they just go ahhhh, nice knife!

My Boye/Loveless Persona fixed bladed knife, wharncliff style blade with only 2 5/8" cutting edge with desert Ironwood handle is also a friendly use type of knife. Sharp too!

Just acouple of thoughts....


I don't have a solution,
but I admire your problem.

I think this question of peacable carry is one more knifenuts should actively think about. Although self defense is a legitimate concern, knives should be carried with the idea of utility first and foremost. The reasons are as follows: a) the odds at any time of a mugging are fairly low; b)guns are so common that most criminals have access to them and most of us do not want to put a gun against a knife; c) carrying a knife that is legally designated a weapon and using might well get us into more trouble than letting a chump take your wallet.

That being said, I am not anti-knife carry. I just think that a legal sized one hander that can legitimately be described as a utility knife makes the most sense from a protection and legality standpoint.

Since I have talked so much, I guess I should answer he question. My favorite peacable carry item is the Leatherman Micra. This is the most inoffensive cutting tool imaginable!
Any of the under 3inch SAKs are great also. Plus one should not forget the Camillus U.S. army etc. knives. As for one handers, the Benchmade 705 Axis, Spyderco Native, Delica, or Standard are my favorites. These aren't too intimidating if you don't flick them.
I carried a Puma Cadet that I've had for 13 yrs or so until my brother gave me a Gerber LST. Then my family gave a ToolLogic card that I carry in my wallet, and recently I've started carrying a Puma Protec (?) that was on sale for $10. It holds a better edge than the Gerber. Sometimes I carry an Old Timer lockblade trapper instead, and sometimes I have a larger Old Timer lockblade hunter in my pack, the Mustang, but often it's a larger Puma lockblade, the Master. It seemed like another good buy and was not something that I was looking for. Also in my pack is an original Leatherman.

I was looking at ATS-34 folders for awhile but a brother and a friend have had problems with theirs breaking and chipping, so I'll wait to do a stainless upgrade until I find a BG-42 knife or maybe even D2 as a semi-stainless.
Assuming there would be no stupid knife laws in such a wonderful world, a David Boye custom 4" drop-point hunter would be my daily carry. For camping, I would get Ernie Mayer of Black Cloud Knives to make me a Y2K Camp Knife in A-2 with an unsharpened false edge.

If the social and legal climates changed I would probably carry an auto. It would take a while though because I would then have to learn about them and then scrape the money together for a good one.

Other than that, I am not prohibited now on my prefered daily carry knives.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

If I didn't have to woory about bulging pockets or the weight on my belt, I'd carry a bigger SAK and a Leatherman Super Tool. You just can't have too many screwdrivers.