Knives You'd Carry Purely Peacably

"Imagine no knife laws,
it's easy if you try..."

None of my knives are ever carried for defense, they're carried as tools, as entertainments, and in recognition of my status as a tool-using animal. If, God forbid, I was faced with a situation of the gravest extreme, I'd certainly try to defend myself with my knife, because, even in my hands, it'd be more a more effective defensive tool than, say, my ballpoint pen.

It seems that many others here are of like mind, and this is devolving into the canonical "What have we got in our pocketses?" thread

I almost always have a large folder with me, and sometimes a smaller friend or two, the large ones lately rotating through: M2 Stryker, 710BT Axis Lock, Starmate, and Krait. Smaller ones include: BF Native, CF Cricket, pink Cricket, and small Sebenza. (Oh, and of course the ever-present Micra.)

If I could carry anything, my pool of pocket/belt accoutrement would likely expand to include (from time to time):
  • a BM3500 auto, because it's useful and fun, and because the safety and the gentle spring make it relatively less hazardous to the user than many other autos (there are quite a few out there that I wouldn't think of carrying in a pocket, even if I could -- much too likely to punch holes in me).
  • a BM35S balisong, also because it's useful and fun. Though it has about the strongest lock you can imagine, it's much less quick to open, for me, than any half dozen folders (but hey, nobody ever said lawmakers were rational),
  • my Busse Mean Street. Most people look at this and see some sort of stealthy black hideout killing machine, but I look at it and see a dandy 3.5" flat-ground utility blade (with a terrific handle), which I will never, ever, be able to break (1/4" steel, 3.5" full-tang fixed blade, you do the math...).
  • a Rolling Lock Spyderco Bob Lum with beadblasted canvas micarta scales over dual steel liners -- oh wait, that one's from some other perfect world

So, with a few exceptions, what I'd carry in a perfect world is actually a pretty good match to what I'm carrying now...

-- Carl

(...and, with a nod to Ewok for the phrasing...)

At the tone, I will now be a senior member.

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I'd carry the SAK Huntsman. A locking blade for that extra margin of safety, a corkscrew capable of taking out any vintage. The new arena of combat in the perfect world would be against food and drink packaging.

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I don't know exactly which model it is, but I carry a SAK (single locking blade Victorinox). It's very basic (only bottle opener and can opener) and has a cross-head screw-driver in place of a corkscrew. It only needs to have a good-sized pair of pliers built in to cover all my needs.

I tried carrying a bigger model that has pliers, but it was big and heavy and put an uncomfortable strain on the pocket, not to mention an unsightly bulge ("Is that your knife or are you just glad to see me?"
) And I don't like to hang things on my belt, so my Leatherman Wave tends to stay at home these days. If the Wave was lighter and could fit comfortably in my pocket, that's the one I'd be carrying.
I carry the Benchmade Mel Pardue that I bought from our Mr. Mattis at the Blade Show West a year ago. Well, all except the 3 months it was lost in the cushions of my brother's sofa, then I carried my mid-sized Cold Steel Voyager.

In an ideal world, I'd have time to make myself a folder to carry. Until then, I can't see anything I'd rather (or afford to)carry than the Benchmade.


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A good Multitool! Currently, mine is a 2nd gen Gerber non-locking, I'm waiting to examine the new Spydie Rube Goldberg Commemorative

James, there's a third reason to carry a "peace use only blade" - when you carry MAJOR cutlery but want something that can be used without causing freakouts.

A Sebenza, a Custom FB, or even an auto.

It's a matter of cost, workmanship, and function blended together.
Dragonfly for general away from home carry and BM Panther for around the yard and garden at home...same as now. I am currently at peace with the world.
Without defense considerations, in town, I would still carry my KFF for big utility jobs because the blade is so sharp, the slightly upswept point gets into places, and the handle is very comfortable. I also carry the pinnacle but mostly in cases where I want less "print". But this points back to social acceptability.

I always have on a small folder which tends to be the BF Native. I also like the calypso jr. The latter mostly stays on my in my office desk though.

In the boonies, at camp, I would prefer to carry my small Madpoet or Dozier Personal Utility over the large folder. I would probably still carry the native.

Going into the woods, I would add on a HI or GH khukuri. The size depends on what I am looking to do or expect to encounter deep in.


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I like to carry little fixed blade in the city.
A forged La Griffe as a neck knife and a Nimravus Cub in a leather sheath in my back pocket.
I carry also a Leatherman PSTII on my left side.

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Where state laws permit, my ultimate all around carry/utility knife is the Fallkniven F1, absolutely. For more discreet situations I carry my +10 year old Gerber Bolt Action Folder. This lightweight solid folder with an excellent edge and a secure lock is still my favorite. In fact I prefer it over my AFCK and SENTINEL (the serrated blade, high tech, pseudo warrior "Tactical" fad has alresdy lost my interest. Opinions are like A**holes, everyone has one.
I always carry my knives peacably. There is not one thing I would change about what I carry day to day. If the laws allowed I would add a Hobbit warrior to my evening attire and probably carry one of my 5" utility knives every day to the office. I always carry a straight knife on the farm.


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As I have said before, the law in the town where I carry most of the time (Washington, DC) limits me to a 3" blade, so my choices are the BF Native or the Delica98. When I am where the law is not an issue, I carry my StarMate and/or Military.

Walk in the Light,

If our perfectly peaceful world has nice people in it, I'd carry a Larry Chew D/A, that way if I lost it, someone would find and return it


Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)

In an ideal society where there are no laws governing the length of what blade you can carry and all that jazz, James:

I would carry a 3" drop point fixed blade, and perhaps a Khukuri (WW size). Being such that there is a restriction of where I live, I am content with my Calypso Jr, Native, and a Harpy. I rotate thru a few favorites all the time, and sometimes I grab the larger 4" if I know I will need something a bit bigger. This includes the Carnivour, Wegner, Military, and Matriarch.

The new LTWT Calypso Jr. will most likely replace the micarta since I can move the clip over for lefty carry
. I've been eyeing the custom made knives - a bit more $$
. May be I will own less knives if they cost more?! LOL

Ray 'md2020'
I'd continue to carry my small Sebenza, why change a good thing? If fixed blades were included for those of us who normally live in a "folder only" type of zone, then my Rinaldi TKK would accompany it. If only Trace would have made it with a bottle opener included somehow, that's one of the better "utility" jobs I can think of.

Don LeHue

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