Little Pink Bricks for you and me!

I'm close to making a purchase, but I think I might try the sandpaper wrapped around the stock stones first. Any comparison between the performance of these two methods?
I am using Congress 1/2" triangular stone with sharpmaker base for two years now and absolutely love it. Flex didn't get much of use, even 150 grit removing material too slow, so I gave them away. Moldmasters are my favorites, ruby also very good. I use these stone dry or if I need to remove a lot of steel and stone get loaded I wash them under top water and dress them with stone or 120 silicon carbide sandpaper and continue to use wet. Today I made my second run to Congress Tool to get some 120 & 320 moldmasterstones for friends, pickup 80 grit ruby for me, 320 res-cut (can be used dry)along with more moldmasters.
good staff.
I beleive these stones are good alternative to diamond rods, less expensive and can get them really coarse, so they remove steel faster. Just keep in mind that they are not design for sharpmaker, so some of them will not fit to base. Today I bought 15 stones for my friend and myself. I had the base with me and 3 or 4 didn't fit, so I was able to exchange. But considering the price $5 a piece, it is not bad.