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Microtech = Micro- ASSES

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Oct 11, 2002
Ok so I had a prob with my Tachyon, and it was not the latch . Imagine that. I stripped out one of the blade screws and the blade was kinda discolored , So I got an AR number and asked Microtech to replace the blade screw and blade. they charged me 65 BUCKS for a new blade?? I can get a brand new Dragonfly for 100 bucks. I really like their knives but there service SUKKKSSSS!!!
My 50 centz
What do you guys think??
Hmm, that sucks, why was te blade discolored? If it was thier fault then they should defeinently replace it free of charge.
I bought it from a dealer here, and just assumed that the warranty would cover things like that ya know?
Pretty $teep, I'd say. Did you keep the old blade? Legally it's yours.
motion to move this thread over to the GBU for better exposure. Feel lucky, at least they answered your emails...:rolleyes:
The Tachyon is no longer in production that may be a reason for the high priced blade?
The blade could be re-handled, and bead blasted or polished. if the discoloring wasn't your fault, you shouldn't have to pay for it. I'd at least tell them you'd like the old blade back, if you are paying for a new one.
No they did not Answer my emails. lol I had to call and bug them. I dont think Im gonna buy from them any more. Ill stick with my KORTH Bali
Originally posted by crosman177
The Tachyon is no longer in production that may be a reason for the high priced blade?
Aren't they still using the same blades on the Dragonflies? (Just what would a dragon fly look like, anyway? :p) Or have I misunderstood...again?
Yup.., if we've heard the whole deal.., definitely belongs here in GB&U..., terrible customer service (gee I'm shocked)!

"Hunters seek what they [WANT].., Seekers hunt what they [NEED]"
I'm confused. Was the blade discolored when you bought it? If so you could have returned it to the dealer....

I don't know of any manufacturer who guarantees their knives not to rust. (Not steel. Of course there are Talonite and Stellite and titanium blades, but there the guarantee would be superfluous.)
I bought the Blade from an individual , And over the phone Micro-ass said they would replace it under the warranty. I refuse to buy any more of thier knives
They dont care.
They lost me about 1 1/2 years ago when all I wanted was to buy an extra thumbstud from them. They refused to sell it to me unless I sent in the knife with $20(!) for shipping to have it "installed". I called a few times and tried to reason with them but they could have cared less. I bought a thumbstud from Texas Knife Supply and moved on.
I agree, no good comes from my mouth about them , If I can save one person some headache then its worht it