My 6000 post GAW *Winner Announced*

Nov 3, 2012
Ok, I haven't hit 6000 yet, but whatever. You gonna complain about it??? Of course you aren't, because you're getting free stuff.
Anywho, I'm giving away my Kershaw Brawler. It's a nice blade, but I don't carry it. I want to give it to someone who can use it.

"Hey Mark, how do I enter this awesome giveaway??"
Easy, all you gotta do is embed your favorite song in your post. Your post number is your entry (one entry per person)

"Hey Mark, how old do I have to be to enter the GAW??"
Hell, I don't care, but I'm free of all liability after it's shipped to you.

"Hey Mark, I don't know how to embed youtube videos....What do I do??"
*Sigh* (video)Paste the link here(/video) Replace all the () with these [] Example (video)=[video]

"Hey Mark, what if I don't have a favorite song?"
Well you better pick something!

"Hey Mark, when does the GAW end?"
Jeez, you have a lot of questions. The GAW ends on August 1st

"Hey Mark, do you have any pics of the prize?"
Of course I do. Here you go.

"Hey Mark, last question. What's your favorite song?
Well at the moment it's "Adam's Song" By Blink 182

Warning Vulgar Material

One last thing, if the song has any vulgar material in it, please include a warning, like the one I did in the above song.
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Thanks for the GAW!
Funny thing about that being my favorite song is that I've never done drugs, never even smoked weed.
Well...I guess this would be my favorite, it was the song that got me into music. :)


Thanks for the chance Mark! ~Kirby
I just think this video is inspiring and the music is perfect for it. Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks dude. Just to be clear its the top one in the picks right?:D[video=youtube;PGwPSPIhohk][/video]
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Thanks for the chance TotalDbag. Here is one of my favorites from one of the best artists of his time.

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One of my favorite music videos of all time(modified of course)
This has been my favorite song for months mainly because the first time I heard it, it was in a commercial for the T.V. show Inside Combat Rescue. It's inspirational to me and this probably sounds weird, but this songs means a lot to me in a way that I can't really explain.


And these are just because. Also some of my favorite songs. Journey is my favorite band.

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Hmm, I'm quite partial to Lost in Paradise...


Full disclosure, I won't use, or even keep the knife if I win it. I'll give it to a friend who is currently borrowing another knife so he can have a decent knife of his own.
Thanks for the GAW! gotta love an epic solo...

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This has been in my head for awhile now. Thanks for the giveaway!
Count me in. Thanks for the chance. Hard to pick one favorite, but "One" is right up there:


Enjoy some NIN, thanks for the chance :)
I don't really want to win since I won a contest last week. I just really wanted to share in this awesome music video posting. If I win, I will regift or you can redraw. One of my favorite groups.
Thanks, so your name is Mark , who would have known lol. Im in buddy I actually dont have a Brawler amazed I didnt pick one up