My 6000 post GAW *Winner Announced*

Cool idea Marky Mark! Thanks for the gaw. I'm in for cEdge ( fellow Pennsylvanian!)

Won't even try to pick just one. This was at the top of recently listened to :)



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Thanks for the chance.

I am so in, I love kershaws :) Here's one of my current favorites, Randy Houser is a great singer

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Hope this one wins. ;)

Thanks for the chance and congrats on the 6000 posts!

Some of my favs:


This is my favorite. Thanks for the GAW.
GAWWWWWWD you rock!
Thanks for the giveaway my man! Probably my favorite band since they came out. This is such a great song and amazing, powerful performance:cool:

Semi-local band to me that has made it big time. They have an awesome sound and the lead singer has some pipes! I know this is supposed to be a favorite song thread but, they have so many good ones......Oh..and the they do some awesome covers...(please excuse the quality of the second vid, they don't have it recorded and it's all I could find.


My youth...




We played this in orchestra when I was in high school and was by far my favorite piece I've ever played. Thanks for the give away!

I'm in.

Thanks for the contest

Warning Vulgar Material
Since this is my 6000th post, and it seems the GAW has lost it's steam, I'm going to end the contest here.
Results will be posted shortly.

One of my favorite music videos of all time(modified of course)

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Now lets end this thread off with my new favorite song (it changes regularly)

Yes, I know it's not in English, get over it.