My 6000 post GAW *Winner Announced*

In, if Canadians are included.






Thanks for the chance!
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Thanks for the giveaway

Favorite song right now Kimbra Settle Down.


To broaden things out and go back in time to my disco days (although my musical era was The New Wave from the 1980s) and having seen the recent and great French movie Intouchables with that great band: Earth, Wind and Fire. They did it all: Rock'n Roll, R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz and of course Disco!

Thanks for the GAW!
Five finger death punch!!!

Thanks for the chance, always remember this as it was the first time I heard eminem.
Metallica Don't Tread On Me - YouTube
Oct 28, 2012 - Uploaded by James Genereux
You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from ... Metallica Don't Tread ...
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Don't have a favorite song but this comes close, thanks for the chance!

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All Star by smash mouth

Thanks for the opportunity, it's an interesting requirement to enter.
Well, this is my favorite song ATM.

Since I've posted that song before, I'll post another. You can never have too much music, right?

"harsh" Language below.
I'm In! This isn't always my "favorite" but it is always awesome...


yay! a chance at free stuff but seriously great gaw im going to enjoy listening to all this music.
Not an entry but Kershaw Brawler was my first ever knife and I have to say 1 year later, it was a great knife, whoever wins will be getting something real nice.
After getting to know this Broadway show, this has become one of my favorite Broadway songs. It's one of the most complex show tunes I've ever heard, and definitely the most fun. It's "96,000" from the show In The Heights. My wife directed it for her high school's musical back in June, and playing this music (I'm the pit orchestra's drummer) was very fun.

The main character, a bodega owner, finds he sold a winning lotto ticket, and the people on the block go through what they would do if they won the money. First is them recording the album in the studio, then their performance at the Tony Awards.


In fo sho!


The song and vid are a bit over the top, but it's funny and I like it.
No single favorite song or band :D. But I will post a few favorites.


Not quite my favorite, but a good one!