Name this knife and sign up time.

Mar 5, 1999

You can find specs and comments on this prototype at this link:

What is a good name for this knife? We have Himalayan Bolo so far. Got a better name anybody?

And who's interested in getting one?

Do we want a karda and chakma?

I figure the price will be $150 to $175.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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How about "The Express"? With all that edge, big belly, and sharp point, it makes me think of an "express" rifle for some reason.

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Since it is double-edged, Himalayan Smatchet.

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Yvsa doesn't know it yet, but we're going to wait until it's good and dark and go sit out on the back patio (al a carte) where the cat(s) are hanging out, flutes a'tootin.

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Looked for two hours and couldn't find the Nepali word for "Rhino", but it would fit, because that thing is _All Horn_!!
I think the "HI Express" works well. I would like one, but I am a little broke right now.

I think I will be celebrateing Christmas around July anyway... you guys know??? Money = New kuk!
Not to sprinkle on your picnic, guys, but I'm looking at this design and wondering how the kamis can handle the tempering of the double edged blade using their traditional techniques. If they could achieve a blade hardness of Rc58-59 on the edges and a soft center...
Also, no cho. Would they make a blade without one? It has been my understanding that they wouldn't.
As far as a name is concerned: what's the Nepalese word for 'snow leopard'? (Of course, later on, the larger 20" version of this knife would be the 'snow tiger'. Or, with the hard outside and soft center, maybe 'bon-bon' would be appropriate? <evil grin>
Greg is to be congratulated on the blade design. It's a nice synthesis of Nepali and Western forms. While I'm reminded of the Smatchet, I think this is a great improvement on that idea. I do take mild exception to the 'skull crusher' pommel. It would be a lot better ergonomically and still do the job with a rounded end on the tang. I'd like to see the handle in micarta or the hardest dark wood, for a much better grip than horn, on this pure fighter.
If the kamis can bring this one off, I'd surely be interested.

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Posted on the other thread before I found this one.

HImalayan BOLo = HI-BOL / Highball

Yawn, whatever turns you on.

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As a companion to the Kobra, howzabout the viper? (If it weren't made in Nepal, I'd suggest "cottonmouth." For some reason it reminds me of the swamps back home in the SC lowlands)

I don't know about "rhino," this knife looks like an agile beasty, not a get-outta-my-way-or-I'll-squash-you-and-your-Jeep-too critter.

And, in case it wasn't obvious, I'm interested.

As to associated tools; seeing as it's a fighter first I'd either want a smaller (4-5" blade) knife with similar belly but unsharpened spine, or none at all.
Thanks MIke L., when I said Himalayan Bolo on the other thread I would have liked to name the smatchet but I could only think of the italian name for it. I'm afraid that "machete corto" wouldn't really sound that great! I'm with Gunhou when it comes to the skull crusher, I would prefer a rounded tang like the one of the HI Bowie. For what concerns the implements I'm very keen on having karda and chakma, a special karda as described by DocPat would be my choice too. Uncle put me in the count.
I would like to name it Tensing, after the first Nepalese who scaled Mt Everest.

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I don't care what you call it, sign me up. Karda and chakma are optional to me.