Feb 9, 1999
This may be a dead horse,looked back did not see a prvious thread. But I got an email from bladeforums on a survey for a special edition Spyder coming out. Asking for my preference? SO LETS HEAR YOUR CHOICE..for best all around daily carry?? Plain, partial,or fully serrated?
Give me a 50/50 edge any day of the week!

I like having the best of both worlds


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Edge of choice for me is the plain edge.
The only time I would consider a combo is on a mini.
If I were to own a serrated version though, I would go with a Spyderco Mariner.

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I'm sort of like Mark except I like a 60/40 edge on my blades. I want a little more straight edge than I do serrated. But, 50/50 would surely be my 2nd choice.

thankyou, ti
Don't know how the double post happended? Sorry!

thankyou, ti

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Plain edge, all the way. Unless you have some kind of special job where you expect to use serrated knives a lot. So then get a fully serrated knife.
Plain edge, all the way. Unless you have some kind of special job where you expect to use serrated knives a lot. So then get a fully serrated knife. But the question was for daily carry, plain edge definitely.
One of each!

Well, I have two fully serrated knives so I'd like a plain edge on this one.

My daily carry work knife is always plain. The others vary according to why I'm carrying them.
I think the current survey says it all..of 124 voters, something over 83% prefer plainedge.
I voted plainedge but would find a partially serrated blade acceptable. But only just.
It will probably not be used, anyway.
I missed some of the earlier discussion and am interested in knowing if serial numbers were decided upon ??
Personally, I think serial numbers would make some knives, intrinsically, more valuable to the collectors among us. This is not how I see the egalitarian nature of the forum.
Just an opinion.
Of course, if I could have # 001...........

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Definitely plain edge, especially since I travel a lot. Of course, then I can use the sharpening trick of not finishing the rear 30% or so. Improves the versatility without getting confiscated.
My preference is plain. I find I can get virtually the same cutting performance from a plain edge by sharpening it at a fine angle and a course grit sharpener without any of the disadvantages of a wavy edge.

Plain edged is the blade for me! If I worked around ropes or heavy packing, mabe a 50/50 or so, but for what I do, plain is best.

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If I have only one knife, make it plian.

But, if I am carrying multiples, having one fully serrated is probably a good idea...

Put me down for plain edge, as well, for everyday. I carry two other, more specialized blades in my work vehicle, but only plain-edge on my person.