Mar 19, 1999
Hello people, i was wondering what your opinions are on this Poll, here's the catch, lets say all the knives listed below where each $30.00 dollars, a "Crazy Sale", but you could only buy one, what would it be. I want you to tell me what you think is the BEST tactical liner locking folder below, only liner locks, not axis/rolling, or any other new gadjets, and only pick a "factory made" liner lock, like emerson, benchmade, spyderco etc, no customs.


Emerson Commander

Emerson CQC7

Emerson Specwar

Emerson Raven



BM CQC7-(discontinued)

BM Sentinel

Microtech SOCOM

Masters of Defense knives-Which model do you prefer.

Spy. Military

Spy. Centofante

EDI Genesis

or any other's i missed, note:the folder must have a blade over 3.25 inches, and can be either a liner lock like the AFCK, or a leaf lock like the SOCOM. And the knife can be anyway you like, tanto, serrated, black blade, anything.

PS, Which do you think has the strongest liner/leaf lock out of all of them.

Me, i think the SOCOM w/black coat and half serrated gets the #1 position.

And for the strongest lock, i'd say the socom.


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Hmmm.. I'd go for the Military.

That's a tough one. It is between the Commander and the AFCK. I think I'll have to go with the Commander. I would say the StarMate, but I haven't had a chance to really handle it.

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Military also. Maybe because I already have a a few of the others, so it is a shorter list in that regard. I would also like to try the Military out, since the owners feel so strongly about them.

From your list, I'd trust the Military. However, Sal designed this as primarily a utility knife.

For a more "tactical" Spyderco, I'd go for the Starmate.
Commander (best utility would definitely be the Military in my book...)

Microtech DA SOCOM Black Tanto. I prefer plain edge because the serrations are difficult to sharpen and I keep my stuff scary sharp.

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I prefer the AFCK I have carried one for 3 years or so the same one at that. Haven't found any other knife as versital as this one great utility and defense knife .
Uhhhh... did you guys not see the SOCOM on the list??? It's obviously the BEST is quality, fit / finish, smoothness, reliablity, and lock up. The BEST!!! -AR

P.S. Whar made you change your mind Rage??? I thought you made a big deal about how your SOCOM failed the whack test so many times. -AR

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Spyderco Military

Spyderco Starmate, no feelie yet.

Benchmade AFCK, Axis or Pinnacle


That is the big dollar stuff, but Spyderco has a number of lower dollar items with lockbacks that inspire more confidence in me than high dollar liner locks, like the Endura or Wayne Goddard ltwt or the Civilian or the.... Well, you get the point.

But what do You like? That is what matters in the end.

I thought I would love the Commander, until I held it.

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After the Blade Show, I would have to say:

1. REKAT Sifu

2. Emerson Commander.

3. REKAT Carnivour or SpeedTech Synergy.

The first is the lock and megasize (though I can't carry it). The second is a toss up. Both have great locks. I like the blade geometry of the Speedtech but the slightely longer length of the Carnivour. The third is the Commander which has great deployment speed, good size but too much belly and not enough point for my taste. It is also is a Linerlock

I can Imagine the RL Military in there, but it wasn't at the show for me to fondle.


My first choice would be the MT Socom, with a half serrated blade, and second the BM AFCK also with a half serrated blade.