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Icky Thump

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Dec 8, 2011
I found a 2017 GS1200 with 900km for $25k. My woman would not be happy if I came home with that. Nor would my father, a harley man for decades (of disappointment).

First street bike was a 750 Nighthawk. Harley's for years after. Rode w/ some heavies when I was younger (as an Independent), fell out when I watched, then broke up them harassing a kid on a Japanese bike...Also fell out w/ HD themselves.

I love bikes, anything w/ two wheels..owned American, German, British, Japanese..from fire breathers to Vespas..If you're in the wind, you good in my book..

The wife?..I understand. My old man?..same, same...he came around a little..not enough to own anything not American, though..Haha
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