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Ripped off by Dale Reif

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Keith Montgomery said:
. . . .Dale doesn't make knives anymore. . . . .

If true, that's a good thing ! :D Maybe he's changing his name like "Blade" does, in attempt to squeak past us. :D
I was just telling this story this weekend to a knife collector in Napa Valley. He noticed my Sebenza and we started chatting. The story of my designs and how I got ripped off by Rief had seemingly falen by the wayside. I check my email this morning, and here it is. You guys rock. I made one final attempt to get a hold of Dale a few months ago. I was chenging cell phones and transfering numbers when I came across his. I called it but the number belongs to someone else now. Last I heard, he was mowing lawns for a living. And I'd bet even his lawn mower blades are dull!!!!
I sent him an email asking if he still made knives. He hasn't gotten back to me, but the email didn't bounce, so the account is still active.
Keith, I just don't get it.

OK, someone like Art S. is just a leech with probably limited talents (other than scamming), but Blade and Reif (rhymes with "knife") have real skills when it comes to making knives; in fact, exemplary skills. I've seen them. Both of these guys could be as revered as a Mayo or a Carson and making a TON of money legitimately, and instead they're just wasting what they were blessed with. I feel very sorry for the people here who have been burned by them but I also feel sorry, in a different way, for those two characters because it is so obvious that they don't have a clue about what they have thrown away. What might have been, what might have been......:(
Well said Holger.
Keith Montgomery said:
It does, but since Dale doesn't make knives anymore, people don't stay on top of it like they do with other makers.

"Dale doesn't make knives anymore"........THAT cut worth shbiit!!!
Hey Keith...

I just realized something....

Your like the guy who enters the numbers and pushes the button on the computer in Lost !

I don't know what'll happen if you don't enter those letters and push that button..

So keep entering those letters!


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