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Sal: Spydie tie clasps..will they return?

Oct 3, 1998

I've always kicked myself for not getting one of the tie clasp minature Spyderco knives. Seems I remember some with rather fancy materials including mother of pearl and exotic hardwoods.

Since I see where you're looking at a necklace again, what about those of us who wear a coat and tie?

Or maybe a special run for forumites if there's enough interest????


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Thanx guys - either or both is possible.

Custom Forumite model:
We will probably need to make a minimum of 600 pieces. We could make a miniature Tie clip knife of the model of your (Forumites) choice. Handle materials available are endless from pearl or Abalone to Dinosaur or meteorite. Your cost will depend on our cost. They would be exclusive to BladeForum sale.

For a regular production model. What would be your choice for us to build?

Mike & Spark:


This looks to be something that ought to be placed on the survey page. Are folks interested? If so, what style and materials?
Maybe a tiny forum logo insert too?


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I support Bob's proposal, count me in for a spydie dino (or whatever else)tie clasp!



Sounds like a plan. Plus it would allow Sal to see the survey in action. He could then use it anytime he wished to possibly name a new knife.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Thanks Mike!

Now if we could put together a list of possible materials..... I like the Abalone Sal mentions, followed by fossilized Mastadon (SIC?), black pearl and cocobolo.

Hey James...we'll want a picture of you wearing a tie then when the time comes


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I never wear a tie (don't even own one) but one of those little stickers would look really nice in one of my hats ! (most of us genetically superior people who are not burdened with hirsuiteness have lots of hats)

I'm interested in this, definitely.
I am in. The only question is how many dear friends are dear enough to warrant such a unique gift. For sure four, maybe more. Please, please, please, please (How's my beggin' act?) Keep us forumites posted (so to speak.)
Very Sincerely,
Love the idea! As much as I love the look of a nice, warm exotic hardwood, mastadon ivory or abalone would look very classy and sheeple friendly. Between myself and like-minded friends, I would take 4-5 myself, depending on the cost.
I would order one, but prefer a muted design. I am not much for mother of pearl or bright colors. Onxy would be perfect, IMHO. Please keep us posted.

sorry, double tap

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Thanks for posting that URL! I concur...dino bone should be the way to go. My only concern is Sal saying the run would have to be 600 pieces. When rec.knives had Benchmade do up those pearl inlaid folders for the group I thought only 100 or 200 were made. I guess we still need to see how the rest of the forumites respond once Spark gets the survey up. I know I'd REALLY like to have some!

BTW I love that Spydie santuko. Damn thing is hairy sharp and although I haven't cut myself on any knife in years, I managed to slice up three fingers in the kitchen with it <sigh>. Oh well........


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Me too [big grin]! I was slicing through a 5 pound block of cheese and after a number of slices, the blade picked up some cheese residue making it somewhat resistant in going through the 4 plus inches. I placed my hand on top of the blade's spline to "assist" it and darned if my hand didn't slip off to the front of the blade with my fingers running over the tip. One took a hit over a 1/4 inch deep. Thankfully since the blade was so sharp it didn't hurt and the cuts were clean slices not torn flesh. Steri-strips did the job putting things back together.

My dumb fault! Now I'll "unload" the blade between slices with hot water instead of pressing my luck. Any knife would have loaded up with the cheese but having one this sharp was a blessing.

Have a good one Sal!

Oh BTW, what's your guesstimate on the unit pricing of the special run of mini-knife tie clasps with dino handle slabs and possibly a bladeforums.com logo disk inlay? Not binding, just a ballpark as it may help members say yeah or nay when the survey goes up.


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Bob - Steri-Strips are a wonderful thing...thank you 3M.
On the Tie clip - no idea. Still don't know which model you want reproduced. Abalone is easy compared to Dino bone (Dino Bone would probably triple the price.
Tripple the price? Drat!

Nothing wrong with abalone, of course.

My favorite organic knife handle is desert ironwood.

In inorganic handles for a miniature, what would a thin piece of random pattern mokume do to the bottom line? And could it be welded down securely?


Folks, Sal is asking about what model we'd prefer. I'd just as soon go with the original tie clip mini-spydie which was just that... a miniature of an original folder along the lines of the classic Worker, Delica, etc.

Hopefully there will be a few options in handle material as I can't see the entire special run being of the same stuff. But all should have a small forum logo.

Mike said he'd set up a survey. Perhaps we need to wait until the current one is completed. I don't know if this software will support simultaneous surveys or not. But the more refined the options are for presentation to the membership, the better.... So, how about indicating model and top five handle choices here?

For me:

- the mini Delica/Endura/Worker with

--onyx or faux black pearl,
--bocate or desert ironwood,
--stabilized domestic sheep's horn

---with a cloisonne logo.


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!

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