Sebenza! Hype or Hallelujah!

Aug 5, 1999
The thread "What is your absolute favorite" got me wondering about the Sebenza and the Sebenza owner (No. 1 choice at 16%). Is this knife actually head and shoulders above other folders or are Sebenza owners fanatical about a "craze"? You would think that this folder is the best thing since sliced bread. Many claim that other folders are inferior and clunky. Does it cut better, have superior materials, superior tolerances, for the big price tag?

I would like to buy one just to see if it will get me to shout "Hallelujah" and convert me into Sebenza worship. Should I go for it or consider the talk just "Hype" from Sebenzanites?

btw... The AFCK was 2nd at 9% (I have one of these

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Let me jump right in and say a big Hallelujah and praise be!

There are plenty of people who have handled the Sebenza and decided that it was not the right knife for them. But seldom has it been because of the quality of the knife itself, that is almost beyond question. The fit and finish of the Sebenza is of as high a quality as is available, be it from a factory or custom artist. Chris Reeve Knives are always striding to keep on the "cutting edge", using the finest materials available and responding to customer feedback in the direction that the work is always evolving.

And in addition, the Quality Control and Customer Service (two major factors when investing in a knife) are truly second to none. Dealing with Anne Reeves or Bridget or anyone at their site in Boise (Made In The U.S.A.) is always a pleasure, and a good way to turn your day around. As fine a group of people as you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

Can I get an Amen?

Hallalujah!!! I won the lottery!!!(not)
Amen!!! I bought a Sebenza!!!(not)

Tis' true, though, I've never heard of any complaints about the QC or QS of CRK

I need a bigger bucket.
Let's just put it this way. The ONLY thing which is not up to standard on the 'Benza ist the clip.

Ok, maybe the handle could be more ergonomic. But that's picking nits.
I don't know. I bought a large, then a small, then an Umfaan, another large. Great, I think I addicted...
Oh yes, the clip. I understand that it was added after much customer demand. Fortunately, it is easily removed and replaced with a clip recess insert, available for both the large and small models. The small inserts just showed up today

Actually, I think that the Sebenza is cheap, I have paid over $400 for two different folders that were not the quality of the Sebenza!!
Some say that the CRK's are not custom because they aren't made one at a time by one person, however, I don't really care as I look at the end result, it would not matter to me if 100 guys helped make the knife, it is one nice folder and I love that BG-42 steel!!!
My large sebenza is my favorite carry knife. But I use a bm axis and spyde military more often. I just do not get into cutting boxes and every day things with the benz. I use it for more refined things.
Definately not just hype, it is the most solid feeling folder in my collection. When it locks, sounds like a bank vault. No worries about lock failure. Life time warranty. Good looking.
Sorry, I got carried away.
I also can't spell or type worth beans.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
And just what are you going to do with this one that you can't do with the others?
What is the purpose of all these knives anyhow??

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I am a tool user.

So, I was looking at my collection and thinking...

"Do I need all these tools? No"

"Is there anything else I would rather have" Yes, a Sebenza."

So I sold 4 knives to get one, and I haven't looked back yet.

Part of the deciding factor was.....

I looked at the folders in my pockets and asked myself "If I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, would this knife do the job?" The job being whatever needed done to get me out of nowhere.

And the answer was probably, but 'probably' is not good enough, I need to be carrying 'absolutely'.

And Sebenza is 'absolutely' to me.

Except of course for the lack of a thumb hole.

But I will soldier on without it.

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Sexenza eh? I thought you mistyped it, but then again...
. Anyway I agree. I have a large Sebenza, and tortured it the first time I got it. Now, scarred and battle-proven, I reserve it and use my Militaries and my AFCKs more. It has become a performance benchmark for my other folders. Simply the most solid folder I've ever had. It's probably not the best out there, but in that price range, nothing beats it yet.

Now, if only Chris would make the Sebenzas in 420V...

Just to run against the grain here. I'm not surprised that the 'benza nut would chime in on this thread. I had a big one and got rid of it. I didn't like the lock system or the overall blade shape. It worked fine, had good steel, but it cost more than it was worth, as far as I was concerned.
I think it's a great working folder for the money, though I prefer a slightly finer point. Personally, I'd spend an extra $75+ and get a real handmade like a Terzuola; better ergonomics, edge geometry, and overall workmanship. I do question the highly decorated Sebenzas with damascus blades etc. To me, this is like putting a whale-tail spoiler on a pick up truck. IMHO, once you get into the price range of "presentation Sebenzas," there are true handmades that blow it out of the water in both quality and overall design.

Compared to the average production knife like Benchmade, I say Amen Brothers.
The point has been raised that for about the same money, you could have your own design put into steel by some makers. I think this bears consideration.

I'm not a Sebenza owner, but it seems to me that benz's big selling point as a production knife is not only quality, customer service and performance, but also refinement. This goes double for Drew's comment about having a custom knife made.

I'm sure there are knives of lesser cost that will perform to the quality standards most people require, but lack the little touches (that cost money to add).

Sorta like buying a Mercedes vs a Toyota... both have top notch quality.. but the refinement is there for those who can appreciate, and more importantly, afford it.

OTOH, if you're a cheap SOB like me, you probably won't see the practicality nor the allure, when a host of good alternatives are available at lower cost.

OTOH...nobody ever accused a knife-knut points of being practical
Longden is RIGHT on the money. I have had over 20 BM's, 10 Spyde's, 4 Microtechs, 1 large Sebenza, 1 small Sebenza, and many others. For the money, if you can find one, a good Benchmade is very are Microtechs. I love my Sebenza too, and it just gives me a very satisfied feeling knowing it's part of my "collection". If I had to choose ONE, it'd be the Sebenza...but my daily carry includes the new style BM 750S Pinnacle which does the job just as well. The deciding factor for me to get a Sebenza is, would I rather have 5 Benchmades or would I rather have a large Sebenza and 1 Benchmade. Well...since I don't need to use a knife very often, and have trouble finding "pocket time" for every knife I own made since to go with one user: The Pinnacle, and several nice "cool factor" knives too. Including my large Sebenza born April of 99', an MT Kestrel auto, an MT M-UDT, a Mini-Stryker, and a Nimravus. -AR

HAHAHA...Springer's Thought For the Day

Basically...would you rather have a $195 - $235 (?) Sebenza, or several $60 - $85 Benchmades...This is why the Sebenza "looks" like a rip-off to some. Benchmade prices can be dropped to make only a $5 profit, while the Sebenza is stuck with that damned contractual agreement. I don't know where I stand on that subject...part of me thinks it's BS!!! and the other part thinks it helps in a deranged kinda 2 cents. -AR

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Let me start off by saying that I've got more knives than I need. Some practicle from a daily carry standpoint and some not. Among them are a large and a small Sebenza. From time to time I work on hazardous waste sites that are contaminated with varying levels of nasty chemical and radioactive contaminants. When I go to these places I carry the small Sebenza because I KNOW that it will perform should I need it. I know that I can't break the blade without a cheater bar. I know that it will cut anything that can be cut with a knife. I know that it won't fold up on me inadvertantly. I've used it and it worked. Did it work better than any of the other knives that I've carried in the field? No. Did it survive the treatment I've put it and other knives to? Yes. Did it survive in better condition? Oh Yes! Matter of fact it still looks and functions fine, which is more than I can say for some of my other good knives I've abused.

Will Benchmade's Mono Lock perform as well as a Sebenza? I'd be interested in finding out. Will the upcoming CRKT integral frame locks do as well? Again, I'd like to find that out also. Will they do better? They can't. Can they do it at a lower price? Oh Yeah. Is the Sebenza worth the money? It is to me when I'm suited up.

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Great addition to the thread hso...nicely put.

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- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

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Amen from me brother!

I like other knives but the Sebenza has the Right Stuff for in all things each person has individual tastes but the Sebenza certainly crosses that barrier nicely.

I agree with St James about the clip, take it off and be free! The clip on my Calypso Jr. was made well, the tip bends back down so as not to dig into your palm, the Sebenza's were added only after begging for it. I like it plain and without the clip.

For heavy cutting chores the large Sebenza really excels, even the small works well when under pressure.

Sorry William Henry, but if the chips were down and had to do some heavy messy cutting, the Sebenza is brought into duty, but then, the WH's weren't made for rough duty though they cut like a dream and are sooo smooth, the Sebenza would be the one I wouldn't leave behind....

My, a little more than, .02

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hso and several others bring up a good point.

The benz is something you can count on in a pinch...when one knife is all you've got.

Having said that, I wonder how many benz owners would think twice about abusing it in situations that wouldn't give lesser knives any reason to pause? Hmmm, what's that green slime over there next to the "corrosive" sign...guess I'll get a specimen with my trusty benz

I've no doubt that a benz will perform and likely out-perform. But sometimes I wonder about sending in a billion dollar bomber to do the job that a cheap B-52 can handle with equal can do it, but would you?

Then again, if you've got the money ... why the hell not?