SF Get Together Directions & Details

Oct 3, 1998
Okay, we're on! I reserved a room at Vito's Pizza in Santa Clara for
6:30 pm on Tuesday, May 18. They have great NY-style pizza, meatball
sandwiches, regular pizza shop faire. I'll ask that you bring your
appetite, they're giving us the room for free. When you walk into
Vito's and look immediately to your right, there's a game room and
beyond that a door. Through that door is where we are.

Bring whatever cool stuff you have. This is a family pizza place, and
they have no idea that the Gadget & Nife Zealot Organization (GONZO)
will be meeting on their premises
Please make sure your stuff is
well-packed away in bags, and unclip all nose rings, before entering
the place; we don't want to scare the squares!

I'm not sure what to do about the food. I'll go ahead and order the
first couple pizzas and beer when I get there (I'll show up a bit
early). Hopefully a couple other guys will show up on time also. I
don't know what's best to do after that. I'll either ask everyone to
immediately donate (say) $10 when they get in for the pizza/beer/soda
fund, or simply just ask everyone to be pro-active in making sure they
buy their share of food & drink. If we end up with any extra money,
I'll do the Turber/Spark thing and buy a knife with it, then give it
away the next time we meet.

Local Directions:

Vito's is on Reed in Santa Clara. Coming from 280, go North on
Lawrence Expressway a couple miles until you come to the Reed/Monroe
intersection. Make a left on Reed, Vito's Pizza is about 50 yards on
your right.

Coming from 101, go South on Lawrence Expressway maybe a mile until
you come to the Reed/Monroe intersection. Make a right on Reed,
Vito's pizza is about 50 yards on your right.

Far Away Directions:

East Bay: Well, it's a touch trafficky getting here from the East
Bay. You'll come down either 680 or 880, your choice of poison. From
either of those, you can take 101 North until you hit Lawrence
expressway, and then follow the directions above. Or you can follow
either highway to 280 North, then follow the topmost directions.

SF/Peninsula: Come down either 101 or 280, and follow the local
directions once you hit Santa Clara.

408-246-8800 Vito's number
May I suggest that everyone bring their white elephants for sale/trade and we can also have a mini swap meet?

Stay sharp!


Jim O'Young
Home of the Speed Tech "SYNERGY" (tm)

Thanks for organizing this! I'll try and show up as long as there's some room for knife newbies! I'll see how much I can carry discretely.
If I'm not mistaken, the pizza place is the one in front of the Wing Lam martial arts school, right? For those of you who may not know it, this place is known by the locals to have the best NY-style pizza in the area!

You should invite Wing Lam too. He makes and modifies traditional Chinese bladed weapons as well as being a well known Sifu in Hung Gar and Bei Shaolin KF. He might not be big on pizza though.
You guys are killing me! There is no way that I can make it, but I will be there in spirit.


I'll be there!
Alan, I am almost newbee also, maybe 6 months old. Hope there is an ATM machine close by, just in case.

Darn, I'm almost sure I can't make it. The traffic and that time don't get together. Are you guy's all retired? Should have done it on the weekend or in SF.

Anyway, for those not too familiar with the area, here the location




Just a little note to the most detailed map. Since I didn't have the street number, the cross might be not exactly at the right place. But if you made it that far, you can walk from there.
I am delighted to see that this handling of food and sharp objects while consuming alcohol will be held in such close proximity to a Kaiser hospital.

My suturing technique is a little rusty (so are my needles, yuck yuck), so I am glad I will not be called upon to play doctor.
Stiching? Still the old school, heh?

Since Cyanoacrylat who needs needles and thread?
If you're coming out of the East Bay the traffic will NOT be that bad. It's a "reverse commute". Head south on 880, connect with 237 Westbound, then take the Lawrence exit south. You'll cross 101 far to the north of where 101, 880 and 680 collide in a sick mess. Hit Reed, hang a right, presto.

237 will be horribly backed up - in the OTHER direction. 880 South won't be too horrible, the worst traffic comes out of Sillycon Valley in the eve.

Jim March
Ralf, I guess we should have a SF get together. Weekends are better for me, anyhow.

Maybe get a large table at Izzy's or the HOPR. It would be interesting to see who pulls out folders and who sticks to fixed blades when it comes time to tear into the meat

You should have seen the look on the wifes face when I pulled out my Sebenza at the Brazen Head last month

..???end up with any extra money????

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Ralf -- Thanks for posting those maps... unfortunately, they're wrong!!! Not to worry, however, because the 3rd map is big enough that it's useable. Ralf marked "Pizza & Knives" near Lafayette Street at Reed. It's not there!

If you look at the 3rd map, a couple inches to the left of the "Pizza and Knives" marker you'll see Lawrence Expressway running north & south. Intersecting Lawrence is Reed Ave. That's where you're going! Lawrence to Reed to Pizza&Knives. In fact, Vito's pizza is sitting exactly where the "v" is in "Reed Ave".

Rats. The duties of fatherhood have unexpectedly prevented my attending the first SF get together. Will make second one for sure. Walt
I'm hittin' the road...lotsa toys, see yous guys soon.

Jim March
Guess I will leave my Mag lite home since Walt will not be there.

Better bring something big since Jim March is going.

Talk about lucky, Pizza 'n knives is only 2 miles from me...Kinda far from Atlanta though, where the really lucky dogs are...

Mark Camp

"Life is nothin' but a series of fascinations"

Ok, and lots of hard work...

Have fun, guys. I am posting from work, where the sound of people hollering in German have not been so loud since D-Day.

Wish I was there!