Off-Topic Share your animal friends!

Oliver's a handsome little fellow!

Poor Cooper! Hang in there buddy!

Tater is such a cool name for a cat. I love how it rolls of the tongue. Two syllable animal names seem like the sweetspot to me.

Lola look like a sweetie.... I wonder how close looks are to the reality?
Oliver can be a bit devilish, but he's great with the kids, he was born when my oldest was 2, so they've pretty much grown up together.

Cooper had it pretty rough before he came to us, he's a registered purebred, but was pretty much abandoned after his first owner passed away. He still gets around ok, but has a tendency to amble about the house with no apparent purpose. He's a good boy.

Tater was named back when I was still a huge blue collar comedy tour fan... (I wasn't quite 21 at the time).

Lola can be a sweetheart on occasion, unfortunately she's a bit true threaded to be both a rabbit dog and a house pet, I spend quite a lot of time sitting with her on the steps at the end of the day. Which is something I couldn't do without her melting down while she lived inside. She comes in after a day afield, and when it gets too cold out.

Does Smokey still do blunt weapons and sleep with one eye open?
I rent and can’t have any pets but I do have several grand dogs. Lol. Here’s Abby she is a Great Pyreneez and she is as gentle and loving as can be to humans but let a coyote get near the cows and calves and she will rough them up in a hurry!

Wild Willie Wild Willie Oh Oliver, you little trouble maker. I have never know a cat that did not have at least a slight streak of mischief, except Khitomer. I miss that little guy. He was so tiny, only 8 pounds and 15 years old when I had to give him up to a new home (I was moving to a place he would not have been welcomed and am still sad to this day about it, though it was about 7 years ago :( ). But he was always small. He was the runt of the litter, and for the first weeks of his life, could not get milk at the teat because the bigger kittens pushed him out of the way. So my friend who owned him would bottle feed him every day until he was strong enough to eat cat food. I found Khitomer to be the most sociable cat, he loved being petted and responded very well to conversation. If I visited my friend, and sat on the couch, I would say "Khitomer, you can come up here," and without fail he would come up and plop next to me, or sit right on my lap until I moved to get up. And then due to changes in his household, my friend asked me to taker Khitomer home, which I did, but only had him a short time until I had to move, maybe 2 years or so. But before that I had known the little guy for his whole life. He was the only cat I had ever known who (to my recollection) never scratched up anything he wasn't supposed to, and behaved in every way like the perfect pet. and he was always healthy and such a good jumper, even at 15. He loved to sit on the arm or back of the sofa or love seat. He seemed to just float right up there effortlessly.

Smokey is NOT a lap cat, and hates being picked up, though he tolerates it well enough when I need to weigh him or whatever. As long as I get it done quickly! And quickly I do it so I don't have to discover just what his current weapon preferences are. ;)

Sounds like Cooper has enough of his marbles to be able to still appreciate the love of family, which is good.
Two cats and two dogs here.



Cooper had it pretty rough before he came to us, he's a registered purebred, but was pretty much abandoned after his first owner passed away. He still gets around ok, but has a tendency to amble about the house with no apparent purpose. He's a good boy.

I knew some other folks long ago who had a dog named Cooper. They always called him Pooper haha
She's beautiful! 😍
Thank you! I’m glad she is still around. Last month she ventured off and lost her way home. The corn fields all around were very thick and tall so I think she lost her bearings. Two weeks later a person stopped by to ask if we were missing a Great Pyrennes. She was located 9 miles north. My son was so relieved when he saw her still alive but very malnourished and weak. She’s do better now and almost back to weigh.
Wow, glad that had a happy ending!
This pig and sheep come to my house most days, and cause trouble. They are not mine, but they pretend they live here. Yesterday they pushed my wheelbarrow full of split firewood over, and the pig chewed a small hole in my trousers and then bit my toes through my leather boots - they are still a bit sore. They keep trying to come inside the house - I've learnt to close the door quickly. Here they are lurking outside my front door.


Tell her they committed suicide; when they learned that they wouldn't be allowed to fulfill their destinies: to feed their Masters...
Some of you may have read the post in my Shop thread about how I met my neighbour Matt... well I went to visit him for a few minutes today, and he gave me permission to snap a pic of his little sweetie Zoey. Last time she barked and barked at me, but today Matt answered the door holding her, and I said "Hi Zoey!". Well now I know she is so friendly, and must have been happy I remembered her name because when I went inside to talk for a minute, and he put her down, I kneeled down to pet her she, and was all up on me trying to give me kisses.

Look at this lovable little pup! And would you believe she's 14 years old (if I remember correctly from the last time)