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This pig and sheep come to my house most days, and cause trouble. They are not mine, but they pretend they live here. Yesterday they pushed my wheelbarrow full of split firewood over, and the pig chewed a small hole in my trousers and then bit my toes through my leather boots - they are still a bit sore. They keep trying to come inside the house - I've learnt to close the door quickly. Here they are lurking outside my front door.



😆😆😆They are broken sisters coming to visit you
Our little "Tink" has never even seen a cat: she'd probably be terrified!

Cats are pound for pound about twice as strong as dogs. I encouraged my friend Matt who lives on my street to bring his little Zoey over to meet Smokey. Well she is probably half his weight if that. And he's a big kitty, almost 20 pounds. Well even though he's got what should amount to four times as much strength, plus the claws, when she got excited and ran up to him, he skedaddled like he was about to be mauled! It was cute... and pathetic. That being said, I am pretty sure he knew the "fight" option was off the table. But I don't know how good a fighter he would be.
... and our "Dog" is only 5 pounds...
Tim Allen once said, "It's not a dog: if it can be killed by a cat."

Growing up.... we had a lean, 19 pound outdoor tabby Tomcat named Chuckles.
Not an ounce of fat on him, all muscle, and probably spent half of his life starving to death.....
He was Huge! Tough and Tattered. Fighting off all the other Tom's in the area.
His paws were almost as big as my fists.

Friendly to us kids, often basking in the Sun while we played outside near him.....

I'd put my money on him, back then against most dogs.

I think only a Buick would put him down.... haha.
My girl and ABSOLUTE BFF, Shayla...

Trained from a pup to be an enforcement/interdiction K9, we've worked together ever since. She is somewhat special as most K9's are male - simply for the fact they are larger. Shayla's intelligence and above-average size for a girl allowed her to go through the academy and graduate with her testosterone-filled counterparts.

She's 8 1/2 now, and recently diagnosed with cruciate ligament disease (a degeneration of the ligaments in the knees and ankles). Her days of catching bad guys are over - now her and I can simply enjoy quality, non-stressful time together for the rest of her days.....

Baby Shayla before the training started....


And all grown up and retired....


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So we do this five times a day. Why? Because if I give him too much at once, he rations it and it will dry out in the bowl, and he's meowing for more later anyway. I did try a couple times taking a spoon with a very small amount of water to mix it up with and that worked too and he'd eat it, but it can't be as tasty for him that way, so I have resolved to just give him the daily amount of food recommended online over the course of five smaller meals that I know he'll eat all at once. Big dinner for breakfast, three smaller dinners throughout the day, and big dinner at night. Average of three hours between each (I am not as strict with timing as I used to be), with the longest interval without food being from about 10 pm to the morning. This keeps him between 17 and 20 pounds.

He sometimes gets really excited. He got a little bit excited today.

P.S. If anyone wonders why I keep a box of litter against the corner there, it's because when waiting for me to serve his food, if that is not there, it is because he alternates between walking by the corner and whacking it with his tail over and over until the food is in his bowl before him. Not a big deal in most places, except the walls in this house are made of cardboard, and every little sound reverberates through the whole house, so no need to torment my poor landlady upstairs. She puts up with enough from the fact there is a knife shop just outside her house for the time being.

He can whack pretty good with his tail, too. Check it:

That's just a quick snapshot. I try to keep him stimulated enough that he doesn't do that all the time. And yes that is "his" window and curtain. I gave up trying to keep his fur off it a long time ago. It was a losing battle.
She's a real floofball, isn't she!
Nice finish... custom trigger, hammer and beavertail grip safety!
Any internal work done on it?
How's the trigger?
Oh! GREAT lookin' dog too!