So, what's your daily carry?


Nov 4, 1998
It's nice to update this post every so often, we get new members, new knives, new opinions and new preferences. So, as for me and my Military occupation, I've almosted max'ed out my daily carry:

Right front pocket: Emerson Commander
Right rear pocket: Mission MPF-1
Left front pocket: AFCK (M2)
Left rear pocket: Sebenza
Front belt loop: Spyderco Remote Release
Belt, right side: Leatherman Wave
Belt, left side: Microtech DA/SOCOM
Neck carry: RJM Handiman
Lapel: Executive Edge Grande
Key chain: Leatherman Micra

I also sometimes add my REKAT Pocket Hobbit (belt) and Nealy Aikuchi (shoulder rig). Still waiting to get my MD Pygmy ATAK to add to the list!

Oh, and by the really do get use to the weight

So, what's your daily carry?

As a civilian, I carry either a VBM UDT or an Umfaan on a daily basis on my person.
I keep a Boker/Nealy Specilaists under the dash in my car, and a REKAT Pioneer in the glove box.
I also have a REKAT Utility strapped on a very convenient place on the motorcycle, and another Pioneer in it's trunk.

I wear a suit and tie to work. Sometimes I carry a Cheyenne clipped on the inside lapel pocket of the sports coat.

I'm glad to see the military is well armed, though

A plain edged Delica98 when I'm in DC (3" limit) and an Endura98 elsewhere. I have many others, but these are what I keep returning to.

Walk in the Light,
Well today I'm carrying my Large Sebenza in a custom made horizontal carry sheath by fellow blade forums member Gary Graley (check it out: ) and my new Spydie Viele that I just bought from fellow forum member Aaron Macks.

I usually alternate a small Spyderco during the week at work since I need a smaller knife).



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Spyderco Calypso Jr, micarta handle/plain blade. Gerber Guardian in the car. Wenger Mountain Bike Model always in the bike pouch or fanny pack.
Uh, dp (sir),
Ya know, I seem to recall you carrying 11 knives while we were in Patuca. I also remember the nervous look on the Colonel's face when he saw them. It looks like you've lightened the load a little. What happened to the CQC-7 and the Nealy MCS?? Well, us "sergeants" don't make quite as much as you Captains, so we live a little lower in the knife category. As daily carry:

right pocket-- BM Sentinel SBT
left pocket--- Spydie Wegner(waitin for Miltary to arrive)
lapel--------- CRK&T KISS
right belt---- Greco Boot
left belt----- Leatherman
neck---------- Maynard
and, on special occasions,
Web belt------ Maynard SERE
vest---------- Spydie Endura
left shoulder- Buck CrossLock

So, as I get the chance (and money) I upgrade. By the way, sir, what have you been up to??
Depending on the type of dress for a given
occasion I will have a Spyderco 2nd gen.Military,Centofante c25 or Stryker clipped to my pocket.Then their's a
micra on my key ring and sometimes a PST2
or Gerber tool on the belt.Last but not least
an Endura in the center console.
Hmmm…Something Mad Dog (VooDoo Child, Wild Thing, Rat Thing), Large Sebenza for utility, (may trade off with Spyderco Military I ordered last night, my first Spidy) something automatic (Hubertus, Dalton M-6, Paragon Cobra, or if I’m feeling like it maybe a Microtech).

Of course all of the above, except for the MD’s can change as mood or whims dictate.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

The Cold Steel Gunsite is my daily carry

-Greg Johnson

Civilian job -(Any weapon could get me fired, so these are tools.)
Front right pants pocket - AFCK
Neck - Newt Livesay Woo

On Duty -
Side arm (of course!)
Neck - Newt Livesay Woo
Right front pants pocket - Robbie Dalton Auto Tanto
Tucked in between pistol belt and pants belt - REKAT Hobbit Fang
Boot - Gerber Guardian Backup

My off-time -
Kimber Custom Carry Elite .45
(Unless I am in Church or "dressed-up" then I carry a S&W 442 in my boot.)
Right front pants pocket - AFCK
Neck - Newt Livesay Woo


Lately it has been a BM cub. Some daies I will grab my small CS Voyager. And every time I have my keys the VB 1000 is with me.
Left front pocket Peck
Right front pocket CUDA


have a"knife"day
Almost always have my Sebenza, and Simonich Cetan with multi-carry sheath. Once in a while, I carry my BM AFCK or Stryker.
Which Day??? Jeeezzz...hard to say, After getting a new knife I always say to myself " Now THIS will be my the knife I will carry from now on!" Untill the next one seems to come along
Oh well...
For now I seem to carry the CS Gunsite,BM 975SBT, or CRKT Mirage and some sort of a small pocket knife.

A Small Sebenza has not left my side since I recieved it this week (thanks Pres) and will not until I recieve my Large Sebenza from CRK. The small then becomes my backup and work dress knife(now a BM350). For off work dress I have a Klotzli made Boker with G-10 handles that I plan to upgrade to a Small Decorated Sebenza by the end of the year. There is a Swiss Army on the keychain in my pocket at all times, and a Spyderco Rescue in my car.

Hmmm ... 10 knives, sometimes 12? Previous incarnations of this thread have made me feel embarrassed I usually only carry one knife, but that post ... makes me wonder if I might be less of a lunatic than I had thought....

In a recent episode of mystic revelation (or lunacy) I came up with (inter alia) another contest for the next Knifegnugen: see who can wear the most knives and still walk. It never occurred to me some people are competing in that contest every day, without even having been offered a prize....

Excuse me, I have to go tell the cistern about this.

-Cougar Allen :{)

P.S. For more mysticism and talking to the cistern:
I'm afraid I've been outdone in the lunacy department, though. Oh, well -- no one can stay on top forever....

-Cougar :{)

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A large Sebenza is carried daily. Can't wait to get my Black Cloud dagger which will replace a CS Bush Ranger in my truck. Leatherman Micra on the keychain. The wife carries a Spyderco ss Dragonfly on her keychain.
My carry knives are different everyday.Today I carried a lg. sebenza and a socom.
Been carrying a Genesis I for the last 3 weeks in addition of an AFCK. And oh, a Mirage X Micro. Just those three...

Left front Emerson CQC6
Right front Reeve's Umfaan
Belt Large Sebenza and Leatherman
Plus when i am riding JSP bladerigger
Archangel 2 black-blade,associate shoulder harness with EQ bag with Surefire 6P,JSP Ti ban bog stick and the JSP manrikegarote
(hope i spelled that right)