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So where do you live?

Feb 9, 1999
Well, what you do, we mostly know? Don't get paranoid! You can just give the state or even the desert or maybe a treehouse in the Siskiyou Mountains. Anyone know where that is. Like your astrological sign,where you live has an effect on how many knives you have.....
I live in Asheville NC,Mountains everywhere. NOW YOU KNOW
I think we had this thread back in October when BF first opened up. I'm from North San Diego County.

Presently residing in Indianapolis, IN.

Originally, I am from Kingsport, TN. Just over the mountains from ya, Bartman.

I still miss the mountains...


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Spokane WA

Other side of the state form Seattle, right next to ID.

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Live in Columbia Station, Ohio

Work in Cleveland, Ohio

Columbia Station is 30 miles SW of Cleveland.

Yes, I am a BIG Cleveland Indians Fan and I do like ROCK & ROLL along with Country Music.


I'm from a small city that borders Detroit, Mi. I've been on board for the last few weeks and am glad I found all of you.

Coos Bay Oregon!!!! On the southern coast. Anyone else out there from this area?
Dallas/Fort Worth(D/FW) area, Texas.

Bartman, Don't worry about your question causing paranoia, it is information that is probably available on most of the members profiles anyway.

I too work in Cleveland, Ohio but I live in Strongsville, Ohio.

I work with Mark here in Cleveland, Ohio.
I am fairly new here at these forums and just wish I could be here more often!

I too am a Cleve. Indians fan.

later, ti
sorry double post.

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NYC -- about 2 miles from LaGuardia Airport, in Queens

Tulsa, Oklahoma, by way of Oklahoma State University. Originally from a VERY small town called Woodward, OK.

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Tupelo, Mississippi for me! Ya'll know who was born there dont you? I think Im the only person in MS who actually loves living here.

Lizabelle, what part of AR? I love the state.( I have lots of relatives there)

Northglenn, CO! (Working in Golden, though..here at the wonderful Spyderco!)

Hey jkoch...that wouldn't be Zeeland, would it?

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