So, which knife will be your first of 2001?

Dec 24, 2000
Start of another year, so which knife or knives are you going to purchase next? (If not yet released, which do you anticipate most?)

I'm really looking forward to picking up a Benchmade/Elishewitz 690- but it HAS to be in plain edge, though- I just can't get into serrations...

Next, I think, perhaps a Spyderco/Lum Chinese folder...

Some of the new Kershaw Onions look nice, might have to grab one of those as well...

My "first" new one of 2001 should be here by the weekend, I hope- a small Apogee by Mr. Ralph.

Looks like it's going to be a good year!

Anyone else?


Very first? Newt Livesay's Air Assault! Yeah! Won't be getting it till about February (my choice, not his), but that will be ONE SWEET BLADE!!!

Ah-hem! Excuse me for getting a bit excited. But I'm excited!

After that, a couple of Spydies (nothing new to y'all): a Calypso Jr. Ltwt. and a Dragonfly.

Then maybe Newt & Jeff's RTAK or an ICU or US Marshall.

You're right. It's gonna be a GOOD YEAR!

And HIPPY NEW YEAR to all! (If you've got any of Newt's knives, (or Spydies, for that matter) you're definitely 'hip'!)

Again, excuse me for being a bit excited. It's uncharacteristic of me, but I figured I'd better let it out now (and maybe it'll multiply!)

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Don't know yet. I have a request in for a BM42, think that will get me hooked on another style of knives.
I want to get the 690 as well and a MT Socom Elite. I guess it all depends on what comes in first and the rest will have to wait.
Lookin to buy another gun and that is on the top of my list right now, but one more knife for the New Year won't hurt anyone, especially since the wife is getting it for me.

Happy New Year
Got a Becker Brute on the way. Should be here Tuesday or Wednesday.
Have a custom ordered that will probably be here in a month or so (it's an Apogee, too, Firebat-my first custom!). May not buy any production knives for awhile (been buying more than I need, lately), but would like to order a couple more customs. Got an EDC and an Arclite on my mind now-love Darrel Ralph's designs.
Spyderco Military, baby!

Unless my BM42 comes in first, that is.

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I will be getting the knives that "Travis" has up for sale on the "<u>knife for sale/trade</u>" section on the forum. Yes sir, all three of them (two Don Maxwell's, and a John Perry) are coming home with me, and I can't wait to put them in with the rest of my collection.

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happy New year. My first will be a couple of Spydercos (progrip and Endura) that are currently on the way. But my next thing to conquer will be a BM 42 for sure. I'm tired of waking up dreaming about this thing and not being able to play with itwhen I do get up.

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I have a MT Nemesis on the way.....finally

Thanks Phil @ 2TheHilt!!

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1ST, is the Bladeforums, Siffu SE. Should be here in a couple weeks.
2ND is a Himilaian imports YCS Khukuri, in Feb. or so. That should tide me over for awhile. I hope. HeHeHe
I'm brain tied right now. Safed up some money and so far am looking at the Sifu and Gunting. Love em.

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I hope it will be my long-awaited Robert Parrish... But if the civilian arrives first, or I find something while I'm waiting, maybe another Randall, (do trades count?) Oh, I don't know

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Let's see, I've got a Military with Pearl inlay coming from Spyderco, gotta get the Lum Chinese as soon as the net dealers have them and then a small Sebenza I think. I recently aquired a large Sebbie and I'm very happy with it. There are some Bucks on the horizon as well.
So many knives, so little $$$ !

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i orderd a Kershaw Boa about three months ago should be here soon i think i might get a Emerson Commander or a benchmade 710 in Feb

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My first will probably be the new CRK&T Kasper Companion *IF* it is released when we think it will, mid January. But the way things go (and the fact that there's been no mainstream advertising for it yet...) I doubt it will be out on time. So instead it will probably be a plain old boring Endura with the clip turned around for my empty left back pocket.
One more vote for the BM42 ... got one on the way from Bayou Lafouche ... should start the New Year right!