Sorry folks, I ended up doing it wrong. Again!

I have a feeling their has been an injustice done here and in the case of Spiral would have hoped for more tolerance. However having said that am most likely not one of the core group on this forum and will polietly and with regret retire from this Forum my thanks to the many friends and help I have had and made. Regards Rod Allen
There are many cores, and we find them here. I hope you aren't going.

take care,

Way to go, Bri; he needs you.

There's a whole lot here and welcome.

Bruise doesn't know he's in the race yet... You want to break the good news to him, munk?
Not since Alfred E Neuman has the Public been so disarmed against a single man or a secret police threat. Who could think the poor child with the sucker had such power?

Interrogation techniques will never be the same again....

Here's a piece of a picture an FBI satellite took of me a few years back...


You decide.

I think Pappy thought it was an orange. :)
You're probably right...sucker, flower, tin cup, party favor...flare from stranded vessel...

Y'know, not too many people manage to barge into my "ignore" list.

When one of those two or three folks get booted, it must be coincidence, right?
I mean, it's not like most of us have been around on various forums for years, and can spot trolls pretty easily now, or anything.

Good call, Rusty.

Now, about kukuris, and all things HI. I'm really liking the new swords we've been seeing lately. Uddha and manjarushee (sp?) have gone onto my "to buy" list, as well the Cherokee Rose. Should be getting my 16" Chiruwa AK before Christmas...