Spyderco Massad Ayoob

JD Spydo: you made the call many moons ago......and like the Dyad, a Sprint run sounds good to me of the Massad Ayoob! G10 handles sound Groovy, any steel VG10, S30V, ZDP189 (plain and serrated?)....maybe even a Low profile Ambi Wire clip like the Caly3....:rolleyes: yeah that's the stuff!;)
ZenH....thanks a bunch for the comparison pics with the Endura........I believe you pushed me over the edge with that photo, now I'm hooked in the gills!:p
Yeah I've often wanted a Massad Ayoob model....became a knifenut much too late! I've never owned a Police before, and I since I never got teethed on tip up carry.....the Spydie-drop is rather effortless on many of my clipits esp. with the 14mm hole....and the M.Ayoob looks like BUTTER to spyderdrop!...
I might repost your pic here Zen....:D
For what it's worth, I'd like to see it with the G10 handle too. It was what I had originally designed into the C60, but I have a sense that with so many other G10 handled Spydercos coming out at about that time, a marketing decision was made to go to the different style.

Thanks for the kind words, folks.

Mr. Ayoob the pleasure is ours. Your Spyderco C-60 design has been one of my personal favorites for some time. I don't know if you've gotten to test one of Spyderco's knives with the ZDP-189 blade steel. But if you haven't I highly urge you to. But ZDP-189 blade steel is made for your type of blade design. I also will have to echo what the one brother suggested with that another great blade steel with huge potential being a possibility would be Crucible's newer M-4 tool steel which has been highly touted here in the last 6 months.

I 1000% agree with you concerning a G-10 handle having a considerably better grip factor and would play a huge role in facilitating a better grip for crucial situations. But also if you haven't seen or experienced Spyderco's new "PEEL PLY Carbon Fiber". This variation of Carbon Fiber is a "day & night" difference between it and the first generation of CF handles that Spyderco first used. Your C-60 design has such a great purchase to it that even the almite handles work well but like the rest of the brothers I believe this could be a significant improvement. The grip factor is astounding and the light weight of the material should be worth considering.

Your C-60 design is probably 20 years ahead of it's time. I will admit that I had to handle and use the C-60 to fully realize the potential of the knife. But believe me Mr. Ayoob you have a lot of fans here and we definitely will beat the drum to get either a second run or at least an additional sprint run of that fabulous C-60 blade design of yours. Thank you so much for your valuable input SIR :)
Ok, you've got our attention! ;)

Tell us more about what you would like to see.


This thread rocks! Who would have thought that me posting pics of my recent acquisition would bring a response from Spyderco and the original designer!

Ok, I would absolutely love this blade (I actually already do!) if it had G10 scales, all screw construction and a 4 way clip. I know it was originally intended to be tip down and drawn with a spyder drop, but it would be nice to have the option. Offer a Plain Edge and fully Serrated model like before. I think VG-10 would be fine as a blade steel, but something more exotic, like ZDP-189 or BG-42 would be really cool. It would also be cool to offer a black coated version in M2 steel or maybe even M4:)eek: ).

I am stoked about this. I hope it comes to fruition. Keep the ideas coming guys!!:D
G10, tip-up and I'll be twice the fan that I already am of this design. Having Massad Ayoob himself drop by here too is pretty cool I have to admit.
Since we're throwing ideas out there lets add a removeable wave on there too. Now we've got ourselves a knife.
Mr. Ayoob, thank you for your response to my question, and I am humbled to be in the presence of an acknowledged master. I am sure my fellow forum members agree that your participation here is deeply appreciated. I'm sure that your busy schedule does not allow frequent postings, but we would be glad to hear any future contributions from you.

In your description of the applications of your knife, I failed to determine if the grip you describe is the so-called "hammer" grip, with the thumb curled over the middle of the index finger, or the classic saber grip. The design of your knife seems to lend itself to the saber grip, with its choils and traction grooved thumb ramp.

How effective would your knife be in the hammer grip? And, when speaking of the reverse grip, that is, with the knife's tip pointing away from the bottom, or pinky, side of the hand, do you refer to the edge outwards or inwards?

This discussion prompted me to dig out my own Spyderco Ayoob from the knife drawer. Frankly, it had been retired shortly after purchase due to my awareness of the pikal trend as exemplified by South Narc. I was fortunate to obtain your knife from Smokey Mountain, as the design was being phased out. At a rather cheap price as well, I'm glad to say. I seem to have obtained a later version that has handles made of a material unknown to me. They have an almost bead-blasted quality, without the "slipperiness" of the earlier version, as referred to by others on this thread. I am glad to re-discover this knife, and I'd love to hear about any application it might have in reverse grip, edge in, and forward hammer grip.
I think anybody who's used a sowbelly slipjoint realizes how useful a canted blade is for everyday tasks and cutting power. Plus that graceful up swept curve enhances the contact of the blade against the material to be cut. As good as a sowbelly is for cutting material against a straight edge, the Ayoob would be even better. Given the kinetic and ergonomic criteria that went into the design, I would say that this knife would make a superb work knife. I look forward to a sprint run. I would go with g-10 and vg10 to keep it at a reasonable price for a workhorse kind of knife.

Oh yeah, gotta go with both SE and PE. That SE model is one of the best lookin blades out there.
G10 handles, wire clip, any good steel (VG10), and the removable wave of the pikal?

I think we should stick to the origional design, no CF or Ti, no ball lock, it will make it more expensive and collectable but we (well i) wan't a knife i can use for EDC.
If we make it too fancy a lot of ELU will not get a chance to purchase one
This is one Spydie the use for which I have never understood. I know that it is a self-defense weapon, but I cannot see how it is intended to be used.
The Ayoob is one beautiful example of bladecraft for sure, i can understand it's cult following, i'd also be interested in a sprint run, perhaps a more affordable linered FRN model (like the D4)

a Wave opener (either integrated or removable) would be a great addition, as for bladesteel, how about H-1 with a SpyderEdge

here's how i'd spec out my Ayoob ideas;

Massad Ayoob II;
Linered FRN handle, 4 clip mounting points, like the E4's handle
ZDP-189 steel
Emerson Wave (either integrated or removable)

Barracuda Salt;
FRN handle (unlinered)
H-1 steel
integrated Emerson Wave
i would have absolutely no interest in a FRN model myself, why go to ZDP and then put an FRN handle on it?? imho a lot of the folks who would buy it are collectors who prefer CF/Ti/G10, etc vs FRN.
The big problem with doing it in FRN is the 40-50 thousand dollar cost for the molds. That means an extra 35 to 45 dollars per knife for a 1200 pc. sprint run (and that's manufacturing cost, not just the MSRP). As much as I would like to get one, I don't think I'm ready to give $300+ as street price. I'll stick with good old G-10 in place of the aluminum. Heck, even the later textured aluminum would be OK, if it doesn't wear slick or scratch too easily (yeah, right :rolleyes: )
Please, no FRN handles for this one! G-10 would be my favorite but I'd rather stick with the original aluminum handles before I'd go with FRN.

I doubt I'd buy any of the Sprint Run if they had FRN handles.
Please, no FRN handles for this one! G-10 would be my favorite but I'd rather stick with the original aluminum handles before I'd go with FRN.

I doubt I'd buy any of the Sprint Run if they had FRN handles.

In total agreement. I think grippy G10 with liners would be the way to go, although my buddy has an older civilian model with I believe aluminum handles with rubber inserts? It is very grippy as well and I could see that working on this model.
Even after rereading Massad Ayoob's second post, i still don;t understand the theory and practice behind this knife. Perhaps I am just slow, but could someone explain it to me?
Even after rereading Massad Ayoob's second post, i still don;t understand the theory and practice behind this knife. Perhaps I am just slow, but could someone explain it to me?

I'll take a stab at it Fuller.

Look at the last photo in post 41. You will notice the wrist and hand are in natural alignment with the arm, as well as the blade pointing forward(also in alignment with the forearm bones). If you held a normal straight knife with the wrist in that position, you could slash but a regular thrusting stab would be hard to do unless you cant your wrist forward in an unnatural angle. (You could do circular thrusts, but not straight line thrusts.)

The bend from the handle to the blade is often called, "negative angle". Some designers like this feature as it helps in a lot of cutting needs. Ed Schempp is a big fan of it and has used it in his Persian, mini Persian, and Kris blades. The negative angle isn't just for self defense but utility as well.

This also happens to be the natural angle to hold a pistol as well. Since this could be used as a backup for someone who has trained extensively with a pistol, keeping the wrist at the angle normally used and trained eliminates one more thing to worry about (proper wrist angle) for someone fighting for their life with the backup blade.

I hope that helps a bit. :eek:
Every time I’ve seen a picture of this knife over the past little while I could only think of how nice it would be for EDC. The angle of the blade would be really nice for everyday cutting.
I’d definitely go for one in a sprint run. My budget is already stretched with the ZDP-189 Caly 3 and others coming up, so I’d appreciate G-10 handles more than carbon fiber if it keeps the cost down.
I would be willing to spend more on M-4 though.
Unfortunately, the security system on my computer will not accept pics from such public share groups.
Just checked at Armor of New Hampshire, my ex-wife's business, and she still has some C60s in stock. Mostly serrated, I think. Can order toll free at 800 624 9049, or online at www.ayoob.com.

Best wishes to all for the holiday season,