Spyderco Massad Ayoob

Hi Mas,

Welcome to the Spyderco forum.

Thanx fer visitin'. Glad to have you here.

I have one of each, and love them both but I usually carry the non-serrated one. I gave one to my son as a gift and it was lost. All three that I bought were on the secondary market. So I too would love it if they made another run of them.

With Mr. Glesser and Mr. Ayoob participating in this discussion, I feel like I'm in one of those "what famous people would you invite to dinner" fantasies.
Thanks, Sal. Good to be here.

Zenheretic, thanks for the explanation. You nailed the concept. Loved "I'll take a stab at it." :)

And please, no "Mr.," just Mas. Rhymes with brass. (Ain't all it rhymes with, but what the heck...)
I would love a sprint run of this model. G-10 and tip up please, but I prefer a plain edge. And please make enough of them so the collectors don't snap them all up. I want one to carry. I foolishly traded mine away thinking they would be around long enough to get another one. After checking out spydercos forum I think they are seriously considering this.;) Just shows you what we can get done on this forum if we work together:cool:
Glad to see you here! Your book "In the Gravest Extreme" really changed the way I looked at carrying a gun. In a world where the most macho and loadest voice gets all the press, it is nice to see a voice of reason. Your thoughts and articles seem calm and wise and often it is the only thing I read all the way though in Guns Magazine.

Love the Massad knife as well. It is one of the few self defense knives that is also a good EDC knife. I often wondered why that dropped blade design wasn't more common. It is very natural and usefull. This is one of those knives that is probably better in SE than in PE.
My Mas Spydie is my travel knife for several reasons: I take advantage of the spyder hole by passing a gun lock through it and secure it to the metal frame of my suitcase. Keeps the unscrupulous baggage handlers from helping themselves to my knives. It also is a nice thin knife that carries well in the "felony" IWB carry. And of course, it's intended selfdefense design.
Zenheretic, thanks for the explanation. You nailed the concept. Loved "I'll take a stab at it." :)

Thanks for helping the good guys make it home at night, those behind the badge and just the everyday working stiffs, like myself, that run the risk of staring at the business end of a gun barrel.

Er back on track.

Sprint Run! Sprint Run!

G-10 handle,

maybe a bit of jimping where the thumb would rest in sabre grip,

four way clip, for the sinister element, and weak side carry...not to mention those not long enough in the Spyderco tooth to realize tip down is the way to carry. :D
Just checked at Armor of New Hampshire, my ex-wife's business, and she still has some C60s in stock. Mostly serrated, I think. Can order toll free at 800 624 9049, or online at www.ayoob.com.

Best wishes to all for the holiday season,

I appreciate the heads up Sir. I'd like to pick another one up as a reserve piece in case I ever lose, wear out or break my current one. It's definitely well used.

I'd love to see a Sprint Run but I'm not counting on it until it's officially confirmed. Until then, I need a back up. I'm glad the fully serrated models are in stock. :D
I heard something about a sprint run of an Ayoob with G-10 handles, set up for tip up carry and a wave. If that's the case, Sal I'm in for one at least!

Showing my support here. :thumbup:
I'm sorry to arrive so late to this conversation -- especially with Mr. Ayoob himself joining in the proceedings... Not to belittle the contributions of the other illustrious forumites, of course! :)

The Massad Ayoob is my favorite blade for EDC... I prolly wouldn't EDC any other knife if my job didn't entail going through so many security checkpoints, and/or my geographic location didn't entail frequently crossing into municipalities with stricter blade-length restrictions... :(

As Mongo mentioned, the thinness of the knife lends itself well to IWB carry (my preferred style of carry). Along with the gentle, graceful curvature of the handle, the Massad Ayoob disappears into the belt-line far easier than any other knife I've encountered in its size and class. Yet the intelligent design of the handle still allows it to be "grippable"--maybe not as rock-solid as the Dodo or Yojimbo, but still quite secure and comfortable.

If any knife can lay claim to being my "Excalibur," the Massad Ayoob would be the one! :thumbup:
It is Christmas. I have asked for very little this Christmas. But I do want one item in particular. I want Spyderco to bring back the C-60 Massad Ayoob SD folder. I want it with a ZDP-189 or M-4 blade. I want it with either a G-10 or Peel Ply Carbon Fiber handle. All of the other particulars can be added or negotiated.

OK Guys/Gals what do you all say? Are we in agreement on this one :) ???

Well they are giving us the floor here and I suggest we make our voices heard. Also the more of us that chime in the more seriously we will be listened to. When Massad himself cares enough to add his valuable input I say we give him all the support we can give him.

OH!! one other little detail>> it would just be really cool if this was a Golden Colorado Spyder :cool:
I couldn't agree more and your steel choices and handle materials are spot on. this would be one awesome blade, and a step forward for the design.

I also second the motion of a Golden Colorado blade :thumbup: .
If you want it done in Golden, I guess you want M4, unless Sal wants to import that much ZDP to make the blades here. Heck, S30V would be good enough for me, although M4 would be interesting to test. Or S125V if they can get the manufacturing problems worked out.

Truth be told, I am more interested in the handle material, since whatever steel Sal decides on will be top notch. I like peel ply carbon fiber, but I don't want to have to sell my car to buy a couple of these. G-10 and S30V or G-10 and VG-10 would be good enough for me.
I would very much like to purchase one when they are released. I've read Mr. Ayoob's writings for years, and plan to attend LFI. I think a new release would be a great asset to people who carry a knife to defend themselves and others.

Thanks very much to both Mr. Glesser and Mr. Ayoob.
Can I chime in too? As someone who has a background in Filipino martial arts (FMA) as well a lover of outstanding designs in tools, the corners of my mouth tugged wide and sweet when I first held this knife many years ago, as it still does when I do manage to hold one once in a while. For a dedicated SD tool, the Mas Ayoob folder is one fine folderl!

I too echo the above suggestions for a sprint run1: a slim-but-grippy handle (thin G-10 scales), 4-way clip and definitely WAVED, as in the Enduras.

I'd like to add some of my own:

- a pointy BUTT as for non-lethal striking option

- a slight false-edge

Here hoping it does become a reality!